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Zalman CNPS 9900LED CPU Cooler Review

Today I will be looking at the Zalman CNPS 9900LED CPU Cooler. Zalman has taken the tower styled heatpipe cooler in a totally different direction by additions to the designs of their 9300 and 9500 CPU coolers. With its huge expanse of copper fins and unique styling, it looks different than any cooler I have ever seen. Will it also keep that i7 down to a manageable temperature? Read on to see!


NZXT Zero 2 Full Tower Chassis Review

Need a full tower case, but don't want to pay the price? How about if I told you that you can get a full tower chassis with plenty of features and a sturdy construction for under $100? The NZXT Zero 2 is what you'll be looking for. A remake of the successful NZXT Zero the Zero 2 also offers a quad fan design, which is optimal for those multi GPU users out there. The sturdy 1.0mm steel chassis is sure to hold up for quite some time; heck even give it to your five year old nephew to beat it up because I doubt he could do any real damage to the Zero 2s sturdy design. Read on further to see what else this case has to offer.


OCZ Platinum Series DDR3-1600 Low Voltage 6GB Triple Channel Memory Kit Review

So I find it incredible that less than six months after the release of the i7 that you can actually build a pretty awesome i7 rig at budget prices. Add to that the fact that last year the bar was raised quite a bit for video card performance, you can build a really butt-kicking i7 gaming rig for under a grand. Sure, you can spend twice that or more if you wish, but there is really no need to. Today I will be looking at OCZ's DDR3-1600 Platinum 6GB kit. With its shiny XTC heatspreaders, 6 gigs of triple-channel goodness, and OCZ's reputation for high quality memory, along with a low price that will really blow you away, this memory kit should be a winner. Will it pass the test? Read on to see!


Rosewill RX355-X2 External Hard Drive Enclosure Review

We mainly have been reviewing Rosewill computer cases and power supplies, but they make a whole plethora of other products ranging from CPU coolers to card readers. Rosewill's whole thing is to create quality made products and offer them at an affordable price. Today we will be looking at the RX355-X2 hard drive enclosure, which features both eSATA and USB connections. Rosewill is offering it for $39.99, which is a great price. Let's see if you are getting your money's worth...


Lenovo ThinkPad W700ds 17-inch Laptop Review

Laptops keep on getting more powerful, that means many people are using them as desktop replacements. There are many benefits of using a laptop instead of a large tower. First off it takes up far less space, you can take it from place to place with you, and you don't have to worry about a keyboard and a mouse. One thing I've always missed when using a laptop is screen space, I currently use two 24-inch screens at my desktop so going down to 1 screen is a change. Lenovo has come up with a solution for this with their ThinkPad W700ds laptop that has an additional pull-out 10.6-inch screen! Let's check it out!


Pittco Iron Storm X LAN Party

Pittco is a local LAN group here in Pittsburgh. The currently run the largest LAN party in Pittsburgh and their events are always fun. I have been going to Pittco events since they started and I was really excited for this event. Especially because with this event it was not all about PC gaming, there was a very large console section, which was never at a Pittco event before. I ventured out to Castle Shannon for Iron Storm X to game, watch some tournaments, and just have a good time. Let's see what this 200 person event is all about!


In Win Matrix mATX Case Review

We have seen some very unique cases from In Win, like the B2 Bomber and the Alpha 360. In Win has really been doing things differently than most case manufactures. They really try unique things with their cases and the Matrix is no different. The Matrix is a mATX case with a really cool and unique design. It features an all white eye catching design and some things that you will only find on an In Win case. In Win has dubbed this as a gaming case, let's see if it fits the bill.

Graphics CardsReviews

Sparkle Calibre P980X+ geForce 9800GTX+ 512MB Video Card Review

parkle Computer Inc., has been around since 1982. There aren't a lot of current hardware companies that can boast of being around for over 25 years. And no, this Sparkle has nothing to do with Sparkle Power. Sparkle Computer builds a full line of geForce cards, and they aren't afraid to get away from reference designs. Today I will be looking at the Sparkle Calibre P980+, which is a factory overclocked 9800GTX+. Sparkle has added a very interesting GPU cooler to this card. Will the P980+ impress? Read on to see!

Full SystemsReviewsStorage

VIA ARTiGO A2000 Storage Computer Review

Generally, when I think of a NAS, I think of computer which has been stripped of any input/output devices and is really little more than a hard drive on a motherboard with a network port. I liken it to a motorcycle compared to the car which is a desktop computer: only the necessities of storage, network, and processing power. The VIA ARTiGO storage computer is more the car than the motorcycle, but is aimed at the motorcycle-NAS-market. Powered by a VIA C7 processor on a Nano ITX motherboard, the ARTiGO A2000 desires to fill a need which cannot be met by shrinkwrap, walled garden NAS devices from Synology, QNAP, D-Link, Buffalo, and the like. ThinkComputers checks out the device to see how it fares.


PromoLocker Custom USB Flash Drives Review

If you have a company you have some type of promotional materials whether it is stickers, t-shirts, mouse pads, etc. One promotional item that has become very popular over the past few years is the flash drive. Flash drives are very inexpensive and almost anyone has a use for one. We were contacted by PromoLocker and they asked us to review a few of their drives. Not only did they send us drives, they took our logo and put it on the drives as well. Let's take a look at these drives and see if they are what you need for your company.

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