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MSI B85I Gaming Motherboard
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MSI Launches B85I Gaming and B85M Gaming Motherboards

MSI has just launched two new motherboards as part of their Gaming Series of motherboards. They are the B85I Gaming and the B85M gaming. The B85M gaming is a Micro-ATX board whereas the B85I Gaming is Mini-ITX. These boards have many of the features found on MSI's Gaming Motherboards like USB Audio Power, Killer LAN, Audio Boost, and a whole new software and hardware design for enhanced performance.

NZXT H230 Case Review

NZXT H230 Case Review

NZXT is one of those chassis manufacturers which always seems to surprise with each entry by having some sort of special feature or tweak that makes it just that little bit more easy to use or maybe even adds to overall awesomeness in appearance. So needless to say we were intrigued when we got the H230 in house as it is designed to be a very budget friendly model with a MSRP of around $70 dollars and a present street price of $59.99 at our favorite etailer. Now we wanted to tear into it and show you what we find inside, so read on to see what the new H230 has in store for your budget friendly Mid tower building pleasure.

AMD Radeon R9 295 X2
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AMD Teases the Radeon R9 295 X2

It looks like AMD is continuing their #2betterthan1 campaign. Saturday they released the below image via Twitter. What it looks like to us is the cooler shroud of the upcoming R9 295 X2, or rather a render of it.

Apple Logo

Apple Does Rely On Market Research Contrary To The Popular Belief

The belief that Apple doesn’t conduct market research seems to stem from Steve Jobs era. The late Apple CEO insisted that market research was pointless because consumers didn’t know what they want. Phil Schiller, Apple’s marketing chief, made a reminiscent statement of the view back in 2012 saying the company doesn’t rely on any focus groups, customer surveys, or typical things of this kind; that has no role in the creation of Apple products.


How to Turn off Photo Stream in iOS to Save Storage Space

If you have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod you know that you have limited storage space on your device. After you load all of your music, movies, games and apps on your device you could be close to running out of space. Well one way to free up some space is to turn off Photo Stream. Here we will be showing you how to turn off Photo Stream in iOS to save storage space.

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