NZXT H230 Case Review

NZXT is one of those chassis manufacturers which always seems to surprise with each entry by having some sort of special feature or tweak that makes it just that little bit more easy to use or maybe even adds to overall awesomeness in appearance. So needless to say we were intrigued when we got the H230 in house as it is designed to be a very budget friendly model with a MSRP of around $70 dollars and a present street price of $59.99 at our favorite etailer. Now we wanted to tear into it and show you what we find inside, so read on to see what the new H230 has in store for your budget friendly Mid tower building pleasure.

Special thanks to NZXT for providing us with the H230 Case to review.

NZXT H230 Silent Case

The NZXT packaging is your standard brown cardboard with black printed image on the front. As you flip to the rear it has specific feature call outs in place. The brown box may seem cheap or lacking but many manufacturers are moving to this now as the color box usually is quickly discarded and adds unecessary extra cost to the end user just for a pretty box that ends up going to waste.

NZXT H230 Silent Case NZXT H230 Silent Case
Opening the box up the chassis is protected well not just with hard styro protection on both ends but also the chassis is inside of a loose light cell bag which keeps any scuffing from transport at bay. This ensures the product you receive is showcase ready, or at least ready to be built into a showcase PC.

NZXT H230 Silent Case NZXT H230 Silent Case