iui Design Mirror Boombox Review

There are thousands of Bluetooth speakers on the market. With Mirror Boombox, it is clear iui Design wanted to stand out from the crowd of multi-colored mostly boxy average run of the mill Bluetooth speakers. iui Design has created officially licensed Bluetooth speakers that are shaped like car mirrors. We were lucky enough to get the Mini Cooper version, but iui Design also offers Ford Mustang products. The best thing about iui Design’s Mini Cooper Mirror Boombox is it looks exactly like a side mirror on a Mini Cooper. Will its unique design be able to keep the Mirror Boombox separated from the crowd? Continue reading to find out.

Special thanks to iui Design for providing us with the Mirror Boombox to review.


Packaging & What’s In The Box
iui Design did not take any shortcuts with Mirror Boombox’s packaging. A sturdy clear plastic shell shows off the beauty of Mirror Boombox while its base contains all of the accessories.

iui Design Mirror Boombox iui Design Mirror Boombox

iui Design has decorated the base’s outside with all of Mirror Boombox’s features such as, AAC over Bluetooth, 3.5mm input, voice prompt, 8h li-ion battery, multi-point connectivity, Apt X over Bluetooth, near field communication, and touch panel. The direct opposite side sports perhaps the most important piece of packaging, a sticker. This sticker is the official license from Mini, proving that iui Design has the blessing of Mini to create Mirror Boombox.

iui Design Mirror Boombox iui Design Mirror Boombox

Cracking the case open you’ll find Mini Cooper Mini Boombox, power adapter with charging cable and adapters for different countries, and one of my favorite things, a Mini Cooper branded cleaning cloth. The cleaning cloth isn’t necessary, but it is an awesome touch for a true Mini enthusiast. It is worth mentioning that while we have the checkered flag version of Mirror Boombox, iui Design also offers the same item with a British flag design. And if you don’t want a side mirror, you can get a gear shift. All of these products are available on their website.

iui Design Mirror Boombox iui Design Mirror Boombox

For a full unboxing and overview of the iui Design Mirror Boombox check out our video below.