iui Design Mirror Boombox Review

Setup and Testing
Setting up Mirror Boombox is a breeze. After charging Mirror Boombox for a short period of time (2 – 3 hours) it was ready to go. When Mirror Boombox’s power switch is flipped to On, you’ll be greeting with a car starting and revving up. I do not know if this is an actual soundbyte from a Mini Cooper or just a general sound effect, but it definitely adds to the overall product. In addition to the sound effect, you’ll also notice three icons become illuminated through the actual mirror portion, a volume down, volume up, and function/discovery.

iui Design Mirror Boombox

Now that Mirror Boombox is powered up, I wanted to try near field communication (NFC), so I tapped my phone against the back of Mirror Boombox and within seconds Mirror Boombox announced, “Your device is connected”, and I was ready to stream audio. If your device doesn’t have NFC don’t worry, connecting via your device’s bluetooth menu is also a breeze. Just hold your finger on Mirror Boombox’s center touch panel button for a few seconds and it’ll go into discovery mode. Find Mirror Boombox on your device and tap connect, again within seconds you’ll be ready to go. Finally if your device doesn’t have bluetooth, still no need to worry, you can directly connect your device to Mirror Boombox’s 3.5mm input.

iui Design Mirror Boombox

Now that you have Mirror Boombox setup for your scenario, how well can you expect it to work? Short answer, really well. Earlier I explained how iui Design placed a lot of care into creating and packaging Mirror Boombox, turns out they put the same amount of care into Mirror Boombox’s operation. Mirror Boombox’s sound quality is the best I have heard from any (yes, any) bluetooth speaker. It is able to successfully reproduce highs and mids while using a passive radiator to give an effect of deeper bass. Because I was so impressed with Mirror Boombox, I wanted a second opinion. I asked 5 different people who I believe have a good ear for music and audio quality to listen to Mirror Boombox, every single one of them were also blown away by Mirror Boombox’s audio quality. They couldn’t believe that quality of sound was coming from a bluetooth speaker in such a small form factor. Also, I found battery life to be around 6- 8 hours depending on how loud I was playing music. That’s definitely an ample time for a bluetooth speaker.

Earlier in this section I touched on Mirror Boombox’s sound effects and events it may announce such as “Your device is connected”. I wanted to give a complete list of voice notifications I encountered because every time I’d hear one, it’d be a nice reminder of something important.

– Your device is connected
– Your device is disconnected
– Battery Low
– Discovering
– Goodbye