Thermaltake Bigwater 760 Pro Water Cooling System Review

Nothing gets me more excited than new tech design! It can be anything from Google’s groundbreaking new contact lenses to Oculus Rift’s virtual reality headset to 4K monitors. I’m a nerd and I love it all! So needless to say when I saw Thermaltake’s newest water cooling solution, the Bigwater 760 Pro I was indeed intrigued and excited to get my hands on it. This kit was shown to us at CES 2014 and finally it’s here for review!

Special Thanks to Thermaltake for providing the Bigwater 760 Pro for us to review.

2U Bay Drives Liquid Cooling System
Easy installation and space saving design of Thermaltake Liquid Cooling Systems launching a new highlight with a fresh model series while continuing an exclusive tradition that has repeatedly met with great enthusiasm throughout the history of the Bigwater Series – “The Bigwater 760 Pro”, a new breakthrough for CPU liquid cooling system emphasized on its superior performance and more advanced cooling technology.

Dual 5.25 Drive Bay Design
A box-designed liquid cooling system for extremely simple installation that fits onto Dual 5.25” bay, not only saves space but also with expand room management in the case.

New Designed Radiator
All new thermal designed aluminum fan radiator that is optimized for maximum heat dissipation with 120mm fan to deliver better performance and extra low noise while cooling is running.

Metallic mirror coating Copper base water blocker
Forge Pure Copper base makes better connection to CPU with stronger thermal performance, provides maximum surface exposure area for cooling, and enhances heat transfer and liquid circulation efficiency.

Ultra Low Noise VR Fan
Controllable low noise and high performance 12CM blue LED fan comes with modding effect (fan speed between 1600 to 2400 RPM) with a front control VR knob to adjust fan speed with ease.

Coolant Level Monitoring
Precise and instant visualization of coolant level can be read on display, it shows users clear liquid level indicator and much easier liquid level and limited refill line reading.

Play with High Extendibility
The ultra quiet P500 pump pushes 500L/H of water to improve the overall cooling efficiency and performance level in Bigwater 760 Pro that enables users to extend cooling heat sources to maximize the entire cooling system to extreme, such as CPU, GPU and Memory. Plus, along with all-in-one back-plate design, all Intel and AMD platforms are supported.


If there is one thing you can say about Thermaltake without a doubt it’s consistently excellent packaging. The Bigwater 760 Pro comes in a good sized box just slightly larger than what you would get a typical 240mm AIO unit in. The box has a nice carrying handle on the top and stiff quality construction. On the front you will find a picture of the unit itself and a handful of key features.

Thermaltake Bigwater 760 Pro

Flipping the box over we find a full list of features and another graphic, this time one of the water block installed on a motherboard.

Thermaltake Bigwater 760 Pro

Opening the lid of the box we get to the good stuff. Enclosed in very supportive foam you will find all the components of the kit held tightly in place. Looking things over nothing has shifted in our box during shipping and there are no signs of damage. Not a single fin out of place on the radiator, good job on the packaging Thermaltake keep up the good work.

Thermaltake Bigwater 760 Pro

For a full unboxing and overview of the Thermaltake Bigwater 760 Pro be sure to check out our video below.