Pivos MANA 5200mAh & 2200mAh Portable Battery Packs Review

Pivos are primarily known for media players, but their MANA line of portable lithium-ion battery packs is intent on changing their media player only face. MANA 2200mAh and MANA 5200mAh are direct competitors with all of the other portable battery packs on the market. Can MANA survive in a crowded market? Check out the full review to find out!

Special thanks to Pivos for providing us with the MANA 5200mAh & 2200mAh Portable Battery Packs to review.

Packaging & What’s In The Box
For a full unboxing and overview of the Pivos MANA Portable Battery Packs be sure to check out our video below.

Each MANA is packaged nearly identical – plastic casing and cardboard informational backing. I like that Pivos keeps the same packaging for low and high end devices. There’s no reason to get crazy with packaging unless it’s a really unique product. Each battery pack is similar besides their capacity, amp output and number of ports. MANA 2200mAh has one USB output delivering 1.0A. Whereas MANA 5200mAh has two USB outputs delivering 1.6A if each output is in use, or 2.0A if only one is being used.

Pivos Mana 5200mAh Pivos Mana 2200mAh

As you can imagine, there isn’t much in the box other than the battery pack, a spec sheet, and a very, very, very small USB charging cable. If you have a desktop, the included USB charging cable will not be long enough for any reasonable use. Laptop users shouldn’t have any problems using the short USB charging cable other than it might be a bit inconvenient.

Pivos Mana 5200mAh Pivos Mana 2200mAh

Each MANA unit is all black, with its name in light blueish purple writing, finally a rubber stripe runs horizontally on the top and bottom, and around each end.

Pivos Mana

MANA 5200mAh has all of its controls and ports on one end, but MANA 2200mAh is a bit different with its power switch on top, ports and status LED on an end. Unfortunately, MANA’s LED status light doesn’t display remaining charge. It’s red when it’s being charged, green while discharging, and orange if it is charging and discharging simultaneously.

Pivos Mana 5200mAh Pivos Mana 2200mAh