Pivos MANA 5200mAh & 2200mAh Portable Battery Packs Review

MANA Charging
Charging MANA portable battery packs by a PC’s USB port took around 10 hours for 5200mAh and about 4 hours for 2200mAh. Also, if you’re thinking charging times will decrease if you use a more powerful (iPad) charger, then you should know that each MANA portable battery pack only accepts 5V 500mA input. Consequently, charging times do not decrease if you slap MANA on a more powerful charger.


Device Charging
Luckily, charging your portable devices isn’t as slow as charging MANA itself. MANA 2200mAh was able to charge my Windows Phone HTC 8X from 30% to 100% in about 2 hours. Charging times for MANA 5200mAh are a bit more complicated since it has two charging ports. First time I tested MANA 5200mAh, my iPhone 4S was completely dead, and HTC 8X was at 9%. HTC 8X was completely charged in 2 hours and 40 minutes. And MANA 5200mAh was able to take an iPhone 4S from completely dead to 100% in 2 hours and 50 minutes.



On my second go around with MANA 5200mAh, my 8X was 18%, and iPhone 4S displayed 40%. Once 8X got to 30% and 4S to 49%, my 8X started to spazz out. Charging, not charging, charging, not charging, repeatedly, all within a half second of each other. I unplugged both devices from MANA 5200mAh, turn it off, plugged my 8X back in, then turned MANA 5200mAh on again. Immediately my 8X started to spazz. Next I decided to just put my 4S onto the charger, it seemed unaffected. I let the 4S charge for about 20 mins to only notice it had dropped 1% to 48%. Mind you, the 4S displays it is charging, and MANA 5200mAh’s power light is still green, no signs of trouble on either device. After another 10 minutes, 4S dropped to 47%. All signs of a successful charge were still in place, but I decided to call MANA 5200mAh officially dead. To confirm my suspicion, after turning MANA 5200mAh off and back on, the 4S no longer showed it was charging, but MANA 5200mAh’s status light was still green.


How does MANA 5200mAh stack up against a more powerful device, say an iPad 4? Well, MANA 5200mAh took my iPad 4 from 10% to 38% in about 2 hours before it died. This time, MANA 5200mAh’s power light turned off to indicate it was dead.