NZXT H230 Case Review

Final Thoughts
Upon receiving the H230 chassis and learning is price point and target I was a bit torn as I know NZXTs flair for adding crazy features but at this price point I have looked at more than enough chassis to know what to expect, but NZXT did surprise a bit here having a value chassis with sound deadening options and overall a nice styling that was mostly easy to build in..

First up is the visual portion which they pulled off a mix of very attractive and sleek piano finish on the front with a nice magnet closing door. The sides and chassis panels themselves are a semi glossy textured finish which makes for still a fingerprint magnet but when kept clean looks very nice.

When it comes to cooling the NZXT included two 120mm fans (One front and one rear) with options to add two more with one more bring in the front and one in the bottom for even more airflow should it be needed.

All of the tool-less systems on the case work well although be cautious when working with the drive trays as they do feel a bit too flexible and could break if not being easy on them fitting the 3.5″ HDDs

As for Knits to pick I have a few, I would start with the fact that the sounds dampening foam doesn’t seem to do a whole lot for the case as its just not substantial enough to really soak up any noise from components. Next would be the included Zip Ties as they simply are not big enough to zip down any sizable bundle of cables and only 4 are included. lastly the lower fan filter is not a super simple removal like some, you have to take some care as it is tabbed in on all sides so simply bend it a little to remove, but overall being a value case you cannot expect everything you are used to in the uber top end models.

Right now you can pick up the NZXT H230 for around $60 at my favorite online retailer. Overall ThinkComputers gives the NZXT H230 Case a 8 out of 10 score and our Good Value Award!

– Nice sleek finish
– Great price point
– Can fit very long cards
– plenty of cable management tie down loops
– 8 pin EPS routing cutout fits well
– Large CPU backplate cutout

– Sound Dampening not very effective
– Included zip ties are too small to manage many cables
– HDD Trays feel flimsy
– Cable management space is tight