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Gigabyte X99-SLI Motherboard
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Gigabyte Announces the X99-SLI Motherboard

Gigabyte has announced a new LGA2011v3 motherboard in the X99-SLI. This board is almost identical to the X99-UD4, which we recently reviewed. It is not a re-brand though because the PCB is actually different between the two. I assume Gigabyte is releasing this motherboard to make the most out of the pre-Summer sales season.

Microsoft Edge
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Microsoft Edge Is The New Name of Project Spartan

For quite a while now we have known Microsoft's new web browser that replaces Internet Explorer and is shipping with Windows 10 as Project Spartan. Microsoft has finally got rid of the codename and has officially named the browser Microsoft Edge. The new name matches up with its rendering engine Edge.

AMD 2015-2016 Desktop Roadmap
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AMD 2015-2016 CPU Roadmap Leaked

There have been quite a lot of AMD leaks recently, this week we had the Zen CPU block diagram come out, then just yesterday the quad core design slide was leaked. Either AMD is trying to create some hype, or they just can't keep their secrets safe. Now the roadmaps for both the desktop side and mobile side have been leaked.

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Steam Announces Game Bans

Valve has just introduced Game Bans into the Steam Platform. This will give game developers the right to inform Valve of cheating and then Valve will apply the game ban to the users account.


20 of the Worst PC Setups – April 2015

I'm sure at some point you had a bad PC setup. Maybe moving into a new place, waiting for a new desk to arrive or you just ran out of room. I can remember my horrible PC setups from when I was living at the dorms in college. If you have ever ventured over to the Shitty Battlestations sub-reddit you will find a lot of horrible PC setups. We will are going to pick 20 each month and feature them as 20 of the Worst PC setups for that month. Here are some of the bad ones from April!

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eSports Betting Site Unikrn Launches

eSports is an industry that keeps on growing, its is incredible to see the growth over just a few years. Over this past weekend a Heroes of the Storm tournament was televised on National TV! Now enters UniKrn, a platform that is made to bet on such tournaments and matches in the eSports world.

Patriot USB Type-C Flash Drive
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Patriot Announces Type-C USB Flash Drive

Patriot has just announced the development of a Type-C USB flash drive for the new Macbook, Google Chromebook Pixel and other Type-C equipped notebook and systems. It seems we will start seeing many Type-C devices come out this summer as USB Type-C connections start showing up on more devices.

AMD Zen Quad Core Design
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Leaked AMD Zen Slides Show Quad Core Design

Another AMD slide has been leaked showing how their upcoming "Zen" cores will work together in a quad core unit. When the Zen CPU core block diagram was leaked we talked about how it is a monolithic core design and what sets it apart from its predecessor.

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