Cool Trick To Improve NVIDIA Graphics Card Performance

A Reddit user has discovered a neat little tick that could potentially increase frame rates of NVIDIA GeForce users. The user discovered that disabling the “NVIDIA Streaming” Windows service (which is set up to start automatically and always run) will result in a 3-5% frame-rate increase. While this might not be much this could be the difference between playable and not playable, especially with lower-end builds.


The NVIDIA Streaming service allows you to stream your game to NVIDIA’s Shield console. If you don’t have a Shield console then we see no reason why you should have “nvstreamsvc.exe” running at all times, especially if brings performance down. To disable the service, go into the Windows Services (type “services.msc” in Run), look up the “NVIDIA Streamer Service” and disable it by setting its “start-up type” to “disabled” in the properties. No just restart your machine. This service is however required for ShadowPlay, but if you use that feature you can set the service for manual start-up.

Update: NVIDIA has updated us via twitter letting us know that this only affects a small number of systems and they will be rolling out a fix very soon.


Source: Reddit via TechPowerup! | News Archive

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