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AMD Announces the RX 480 Graphics Card at $199

AMD has officially announced their first graphics card based on their Polaris architecture, it is the Radeon RX 480. AMD's goal with this card is not to be the fastest card out there, but to bring VR to the masses. Besides the cost of the VR headset gamers need to shell out at least $350 for a premium graphics card just to meet the minimum requirements for VR. AMD says that the $199 Radeon RX 480 will deliver "VR capability common in $500 GPUs".

CRYORIG H7 Quad Lumi
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CRYORIG and NZXT Have Created The H7 Quad Lumi RGB CPU Cooler

CRYORIG and NZXT have collaborated to create what they call the "world's first software controlled RGB LED light heatsink". It is the H7 Quad Lumi and it is basically CRYORIG's H7 cooler with an additional 6 mm high-end copper heatpipe added, new QF120 Balanced LED fan, and the Lumi lighting system. The Lumi lighting system integrates an RGB LED controller which can be controlled and programmed via NZXT's CAM software.

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Intel Announces 10-Core Core i7-6950X And Broadwell-E Family

Today Intel is announcing their Core i7 "Broadwell-E" high-end desktop (HEDT) processors! We have been talking about these processors for a while now and they are finally here! The really big announcement is that the flagship processor, the Core i7-6950X will be a 10-core, 20-thread beast! This is the first time there has been a desktop processor with 10 cores! It is pretty crazy that we only went to dual core back in 2005!

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