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Samsung Launches Two New Curved Gaming Monitors

Samsung Electronics extends its innovation in displays with the release of its most powerful and visually compelling curved gaming monitors to date. The CFG70 (available in 24 and 27 inch) and CF791 (34-inch) monitors provide distinguished curvatures of 1800R and 1500R, respectively. Other best-in-class features include interactive LED lighting, an intuitive user dashboard, and AMD FreeSync Technology for the ultimate gaming experience.

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Tesoro Gram Spectrum Gaming Keyboard Review

Last year we took a look at our first product from Tesoro, the Excalibur Spectrum Gaming Keyboard. We were really impressed with it and now they have sent us their latest keyboard, the Gram Spectrum. The Gram Spectrum is unlike many gaming keyboards as it offers a low-profile design. It features a new mechanical gaming switch that is meant to compete against Cherry MX's latest Repidfire switch, low-profile keycaps, RGB backlighting, and software that allows you to customize everything. We've never reviewed a low-profile keyboard that was made for gaming so this should be pretty interesting, follow along as we take a look at the Gram Spectrum from Tesoro.

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Sapphire Releases TriXX Utility 6.0.0

Sapphire has finally released their version 6.0.0 of their TriXX graphics card overclocking and tuning utility. This utility, which is made to work with Sapphire graphics cards, is also compatible with a wide variety of graphics cards. The new version 6.0.0 comes with a revamped user-interface that no only gives you all of the information on your graphics cards, but also organizes the key functions so that the main window is less cluttered.

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Case Mod Friday: Corsair 600C MbK

Welcome to another Case Mod Friday showcase! This week we have Richard Keirsgieter's "Corsair 600C MbK" build. This is one of the best builds that we've seen in the Corsair Carbide Series 600C case. The case features an inverted motherboard design, which makes this build very unique! Kier makes use of EKWB and Bitspower water cooling parts, be sure to check the build out!


Spider-Man Beckons the New Wave of Marvel Video Games

Spider-Man Beckons the New Wave of Marvel Video Games When it comes to gaming, Marvel have arguably dropped the ball when compared with DC. Where DC have had the Batman Arkham series of games, Marvel seem to have been happy to let their heroes beseem to have been happy to let their heroes be in LEGO games and Disney’s Infinity game. The times are changing though, with Spider-Man bringing in the biggest change of them all.

Thermaltake Core P3

Thermaltake Core P3 Chassis Review

When Thermaltake introduced the Core P5 chassis last October it was pretty revolutionary. There really were not cases out there made specifically show off hardware, mount on your wall, act as a table, etc. The Core P5 was a great chassis no doubt, but there were a few issues that Thermaltake needed to address. Fast forward to today and we have the brand new Core P3 Chassis. Thermaltake has made the chassis smaller, added better SSD mounts, and now the chassis has no problem supporting all-in-one liquid cooling systems. Let's jump in and see what the Core P3 is all about!

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AMD Zen Microarchitecture IPC Gains Detailed

During Hot Chips AMD hosted a Zen microarchitecture presentation outlining its road to the massive 40 percent gain in IPC (Per-core performance gains), over the current Excavator microarchitecture. AMD says these gains are made possible by three major changes; a better core engine, better cache system, and lower power. Instead of using the approach they used with Bulldozer where two cores share certain number-crunching components from "modules", Zen uses a self-sufficient core design.

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