Wednesday, August 15, 2018
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Intel’s 7th Generation Core Processors To Launch in Q4

Last week we detailed the first wave of Intel’s upcoming Kaby Lake processors. These new processors will make use of the same 14 nm node that we have seen with Broadwell and Skylake, but with architecture optimization. Kaby Lake desktop processors were rumored to arrive in early 2017, but the latest rumor suggests that we could see them a little sooner. The latest leak says that we could see low-power chips in September and the mainstream desktop parts in December.

The mainstream desktop parts are the S 4+2 category, which includes desktop Core i7 and Core i5 parts. We have heard reports that new motherboards are set to arrive in October / November, so Intel launching the processors in December makes sense.

The S 2+2 i3 processors and U Series with eDRAM will arrive in early 2017.

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