2019 Games You Should Watch Out For and NOT Miss

2019 games
Playing computer games is a hobby that many frown upon. However, a close look at it reveals some undeniable benefits. For one, it allows players to sharpen their strategizing skills. Having the ability to come up with a sound strategy in actual situations is important in today’s world. Whether you learn this skill while playing computer games or while actually solving problems in the real world does not really matter that much.

Another benefit of computer gaming is that it gives a platform for socialization. There are people who have formed lasting friendships through the games that they play even if they are actually miles apart.

2019 is a year that brings a lot of promise to avid gamers. Discussed below are some of the games that you should not dare miss.

Anthem by BioWare

With Anthem, BioWare as a role-playing game studio is ready to build on the strengths and rise above the weakness of their previous game releases. The studio is committed to this new game long-term, so one could just imagine how much potential this game holds.

Anthem is set in a world where protagonists are pitted against giant monsters and world-altering natural dangers such as shaper storms. The main characters will also have high-powered suits, which the players can actually upgrade to reflect their character’s class and achievements. This game also has multiplayer capacities.

Pokemon by Game Freak for Nintendo

If you’ve been left wanting during the time of Pokemon Go, then the new Pokemon game for Nintendo consoles is going to be a pleasant surprise for you. The new game is going to be set in an entirely different location. There will also be tons of new Pokemon characters to hunt down and collect. As we all know, collecting Pokemon is a game that involves lots of active searching. Players will surely find themselves scouring the streets just to look for and catch elusive Pokemon characters.

It’s important note that whatever new game there is, you can only enjoy it if your gadgets are ready. If you are in Michigan, you can visit Battery Shack in Sterling Heights, MI  to ensure that your mobile gadgets and even your gaming consoles at home are in good condition. They offer data recovery, hardware repair, and other gadget-related services.

Cyberpunk 2077 by CD Projekt Red

After the overwhelming success of the The Witcher 3, all eyes are on CD Projekt Red to see what they are going to serve up next. The studio is actually using a government grant to develop Cyberpunk 2077, and it is slated to release in June 2019. At least 400 developers and artists are working on this game, so it’s fair to expect a lot of interesting characters to get to know and challenging activities to master.

According to sources, the game is set in a sprawling and thriving metropolis that the game simply calls the Night City. What makes the characters exciting is the fact that they speak varied languages. Players who want to make sense of what’s happening might want to purchase in-game translators.

Players will also have the capacity to access the memories a character that is not in their control. This feature is called the ‘Braindance’ and it is an intriguing psychological twist from a studio that is expected to deliver excellence.

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