Top Five Female Characters in PC Games You’d Like to Date

Yep, online dating is a good fellow for geeks. No longer you have to go out and feel ashamed that you can’t normally ask a girl out. Now, you can easily get access to hot Russian women and beautiful girls from other countries from the comfort of your home. But there is one thing that online dating can’t give you. There is no online dating app that would offer you dating your favourite female character from PC games. Thus, the only thing that’s left is dreaming. Dreaming is free and in order to help you in it, we’ve created our list of top five female characters from PC games that you’d like to date, which we offer you to check out without further ado. Dream on!

Faith Connors from Mirror’s Edge

If you are a geek you prefer atypical women, and Faith Connors is quite atypical PC game female character. Instead of being overly sexualized, she’s athletic. Another typical thing for female characters in PC games is being ruthless. That’s once again, not the case with Faith Connors. She is intelligent. While, it is easy to pick a girlfriend like that on any online dating service, it’s unlikely that the girl would be a former thief who now fights the corrupt government. So, yeah, dream on about Faith Connors.

Jill Valentine from Resident Evil

At the very first glance, Jill Valentine looks like your typical girl next door. But it’s unlikely that your typical girl next door can handle a zombie apocalypse with that ease. Aside from being special ops agent and bomb expert, Jill never shies away from showing her character. Her independence is tested throughout the story of Resident Evil, but she always shows that she would never give up to a man. That’s when you can start dreaming. There are women like that, and it is extremely hard to handle them. That’s why you are allowed only to dream about them. Of course, you can risk and try dating a girl like that, there is no guarantee that she would be a great help when the actual zombie apocalypse starts.

Yuna from Final Fantasy X

Well, there must be magical characters in those PC games that show women at their best. Yuna is always trying to find the balance and is ready to sacrifice everything to find the best way in a face of violence. She’s travelling around the world to test her healing and magical abilities. Once again, dream on, cause if you find a girlfriend like that, you won’t be able to handle her trips around the world.

Lara Croft from Tomb Raider

Whether you prefer experienced voluptuous Lara with big guns or her younger variant, which has nothing but her wit to survive, you know that this list would be incomplete without her. Lara Croft is probably the most famous female character in PC games. She is definitely a dream girlfriend for a lot of people, but in the offline world an experienced girl with guns or a young girl struggling to find her own identity is quite dangerous.

Cortana from Halo

Cortana is empathic and very humane. She is a great help in all the combat situations in Halo. Just think of the girlfriend who understands you perfectly, forgives all of your mistakes and comes to rescue in dire straits? Now, why we put Cortana the last one? Because she’s an ultimate dream girl, even in the Halo’s reality, cause she’s not human, she’s AI. So, she’s an ultimate dream, unless Spike Jonze’s “Her” (2013) becomes reality.

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