Top 5 Windows Applications for Your Business

Windows continues to be the leader in applications and software. According to Microsoft, Windows 10 is growing 140% faster than Windows 7 and over 400% faster than Windows 8.

Whether you are looking for applications for your business or you want to increase productivity with your own PC with Windows 10, then these free apps are going to hit the spot.

Communication Is Everything

While you most likely are already using Windows 365 for email and other planning activities; nowadays communication has become an art in business and time is still a commodity.

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Then comes Slack. Slack is a microsoft tool that allows for many variables of communication and collaboration with colleagues in real time. It allows users to access, edit, and share documents remotely while also integrating with other microsoft products to easily work on team projects seamlessly such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and SalesForce.

Taking Down Notes

OneNote is a great application that will work on any windows device. While OneNote is being phased out of the Windows Office 2016 package it will be offered solely on Windows 10. Do not panic, as this does not mean you cannot still use your OneNote from the previous office versions.

OneNote is one of the best ways to easily stay organized online. The setup is just like a real 3 ring binder but only online while being environmentally friendly. It showcases tabs, paper, and you can insert graphs or images just like in any other document.

One of the best tools of the Windows 10 App version is the ability to share the notes with any application used on Windows 10. Another great tool is the ability to draw with your finger or take notes with a surface pen.

Storing your Data

Dropbox had to make the list because everyone needs somewhere to put their data while also Dropbox has many functions for businesses and the regular consumers. Dropbox syncs with all your devices whether it be MAC, Linux, Windows, or any mobile phone.

Like stated earlier, Dropbox will also allow to collaborate across all Microsoft products to easily store data and share this information with colleagues or create links within the interface to share with a client. Also, to protect your files, Google allows users to setup a 2 factor authentication process as well as encrypts data in transit with TLS and 128 bit AES.

Planning and Productivity

Wunderlist is a cloud based task based management application. It is downloaded and used for free and can be used across all devices. If there is something you need to do then Wunderlist can help you in some way by either sharing reminders or notifications, or planning by organizing your lists on your calendars or storage folders.

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Customer Relations

No business is complete without CRM software. Zoho allows for small businesses to setup a small CRM system for up to 10 free users. It integrates with other 3rd party applications such as Google and allows for the ability to use other Zoho services.

The free service or trial allows for email marketing campaigns, assigning calls, account and lead management tools, and many other functions. It does have an upgrade for more users and more extensive services and you can also consult with a Zoho Partner in India for a more complete setup.

Protecting Your Investment

Understanding security when using different applications with small businesses while storing, transferring, and manipulating secure data is of the utmost importance.

With companies getting hacked and brought down all the time, server monitoring software is ideal for any business operating on the internet to be proactive in order to understand any anomalies to prevent downtime from ever happening and loss or manipulated data.

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