Top graphic Cards reviewed- the new era of video editing

Gone are the days when video editing was done or could be done using only the CPU as the primary and only processing unit. Times have changed and technology has evolved. In the current era, where technology knows no bounds, numerous technological aids are available to perform any task at hand. Video editing is also not behind. To edit a video or edit a an image, multiple software’s are available that can help a beginner, advance or expert personal to turn his footage into celluloid masterpiece.

Apart from the state of the art editing software’s that come equipped with tools and services to help edit videos as per user’s choice, GRAPHIC CARD is one such accessory that turns a normal CPU (central processing unit) into a GPU (graphics processing unit) .  A GPU provides multiple processors to work with. Using a GPU, allows a system to rapidly manipulate the creation of images in a limited time frame (or a time window) to be displayed as an output.

Most of the modern and top video editing software’s come with multiple complex features and functionalities that can only be employed if the system is equipped with a graphic card. This phenomenon is known as GPU acceleration. This is basically the process of making the processing power of the system bigger and better by providing multiple processing units.  One such video editing software is FILMORA. It is not only the best video editor for windows but also supports graphics processing units.

Here we will list down and review the top graphics card for video editing and Filmora performance using the said cards.

  • EVGA GT 730 Graphics card. This graphic card gives great results with video editing as compared to using a simple PC. The key benefits are:
  • It is economical.
  • Provides HD images.
  • Faster processing speed.
  • Easy installation and compatibility with multiple platforms.

Wondershare Filmora is highly compatible with this graphic card and provides amazing playback performance. Due to the high processing speed being offered, frequent issues such as incompatibility of audio and video and disrupted audio and video during playback are highly minimized. Thus, speeding up and improving the video editing experience.

EVGA GT 730 Graphics card also lends great support with Filmora video rendering. Video rendering (where editing software processes the clip to extract frames and display as images) is a very time consuming process and requires a lot of hardware. Using a GPU i.e. providing multiple processor to complete the task, helps the software to lessen the wait time of the user and Wondershare Filmora works perfectly using this card. It provides efficiency and quality with this low budget yet proficient graphics card.

2) ZOTAC GT 1030 graphics Card. This card provides quality on a budget. It is great for video editing. The key benefits are:

  • Easily receives driver updates
  • It provides dual display.
  • It is energy efficient.

Wondershare Filmora has proven to be compatible with this card. Provides excellent results, with faster processing speed. Features such as split screen, green screen, 4K resolution editing support, layering and audio separation can be employed and provide visibly improved results using the graphics card.

Playback performance and Video rendering is improved. Time lag is lessened, faster processing is enabled and audio-video lag and not in sync issue is resolved.

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