SEO Strategies When Selling Computer Hardware Online

SEO strategies have changed over the years. A lot of businesses have learned that you just can’t get away with filling your content up with keywords. According to, search engines are putting effort into preventing businesses to game the system.

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Here, we are going to help you plan out SEO strategies that you can apply on your online computer hardware business.

1. Plan it out

You should know by now that your content should aim to provide answers to your target audience’s questions. The first step you should take is strategizing your topics. Create a publishing calendar that covers variations of topics you want to talk about. The topic needs to be relevant to the products you’re offering.

Keyword planner tools are also extremely useful. It will help you come up with relevant keywords you can use for your blog.  As for your topics, it’s good to be specific about them. Target keywords that deal with highly specific questions.

For example, your business offers computer hardware. Among the most basic computer parts is the video card. If you input the words “video card” in your keyword tool, you get “video card comparison,” “video card definition,” “video card prices,” etc. These are topics you can create content about. If it’s possible to get more specific than that, please do.

The planning stage shouldn’t only involve the creation of your content. You also have to think of the technical aspects. For example, your website should be adaptable on mobile to reach more audience, and its speed should be within industry standard.

2. Don’t dump your content up with keywords

This is perhaps the greatest sin you could commit when it comes to optimizing your content. You just can’t stuff keywords into an article and expect it to appear on top of search engine results. Repeating the same keywords will affect the quality of your work and can get you penalized for it.

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For example:

“Buy this cheap video card today! This cheap video card will help you run games and a whole lot more applications. A cheap video card is important for any computer gamer. We have an array of cheap video cards in our cheap video cards section. What are you waiting for? Buy our cheap video cards today.”

The example above isn’t just terrible copywriting, it’s also very unnatural to read. Even audiences would feel appalled by this kind of keyword stuffing. Always take into account keyword density and readability because search engines are inspecting these things. Keep your keyword density around 1%–5% as this is the safest as per industry experts.

3. Be consistent

The thing that most people get wrong with SEO is it doesn’t happen overnight. You’d have to wait months for it to show results. The key is consistently producing relevant content within your niche.

A lot of popular sites now have to go through the seemingly dull journey of waiting for the big break to happen. It won’t. There won’t be any big break because you are slowly building up on your authority over the topics you’ve chosen to cover. Just hold on to it and be consistent because good things happen to those who wait.

What you should do in the meantime is…

4. Produce high-quality content

You should always seek to produce high-quality materials for your audience. As mentioned, even the best SEO strategies won’t show results right away. You should start out your blog with a bang. This means creating content that has the following qualities:

  • Compelling – The best way to write compelling articles is by using a compelling title that invokes action.
  • Provides value – More than having a compelling title, your content should show value and deliver on that promise.
  • Readable –Use the correct format for your audience. If your writing about the technical aspects of computer hardware, you should provide more illustrations and comparisons.
  • Free from error – More than being free from grammatical error, make sure the content is well researched.


SEO is just one of the many strategies you need to be focusing on if you want your business to succeed in the digital age. For this strategy to succeed, you need to be consistent with what you produce and be patient with the results.  While SEO is a great tool, it’s also crucial that you recognize the fact that you should not solely depend on it.

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