The Beginner’s Guide to Computer Gaming Hardware

It could be that gaming is relaxing or it could be that people enjoy healthy competition. For others, gaming provides a way of forgetting their problems for a short while and an escape to a new and fantastic world. Whether you’re brand new to gaming and want to make sure you’ve got the peripherals for a great setup or you’re a gaming veteran, here’s everything you need to start computer gaming.

Gaming doesn’t discriminate by age, race, or gender. Nearly half of adults who play video games are age 50 or older…half… More than two-thirds of those late-in-life gamers play computer games because computer gaming is awesome.

And, all races are equally likely to game.

Gender used to be a defining factor in gaming (men used to do it more than women), but today women own more gaming consoles than men. As it turns out, gaming is a universal activity that transcends all bounds, so go ahead and splurge on computer gaming hardware because it has the potential to make you more social and it’s definitely the status norm.

The Bigger the Monitor, the More Fun You’ll Have
You can use any type of monitor; however, large, flat-panel monitors are going to give you the best viewing angles. LED, LCD, and curved monitors are the highest end. There are lots of different brands to choose from, and pricing ranges from approximately $100 to $2,000 depending on its size and screen resolution.

If you want a larger monitor but are concerned about the upfront costs, consider your financing options, such as no credit check financing. People really respond to these financing offers. For example, Crest Financial has a page full of customer reviews. Most people gush that the process was simple and easy, and that they were approved even with less than perfect credit.

The Right Mouse Can Make Computer Gaming Easier
Gaming mice are very different than traditional computer mice. They have features convenient to gamers, such as LED backlighting, programmable buttons, thumb grid, USB connectivity, and much more. Prices can range from less than $10 to upwards of $100. You have several different options and should select the gaming mouse that most conveniently fits your needs and budget. Again, you can use alternative financing solutions, such as Crest Financial to get the electronics you want the most but maybe can’t afford in one payment.

Gaming Keyboards Have Innovative Features
Keyboards are an important component, but for a gaming computer you want a gaming keyboard. They have many different features and comfort options, such as over 100 keys, programmable G keys, key roll over, anti-ghosting, funky colors, and more. Look for one that is backlit for those late-night gaming sessions.

Other Must Have Hardware
Headsets, controllers, speakers, and virtual reality headsets are all great options for your perfect computer gaming setup. You may also want a gaming chair, which provides comfort and additional areas for storage. Some gaming chairs even have built in USB ports that connect to your gaming PC.

Gaming is meant to be fun and exciting; however, it can be expensive to get the hardware you want. It’s important that you’re comfortable, that you have all the tools and products you want and need, and that you didn’t overpay. Be on the lookout for alternative financing or consider saving up for your big ticket items. You have options for building the game room of your dreams, although it may take time. Happy gaming!

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