How Playing Video Games Help Master The English Language

Believe it or not, video games can help you big time when it comes to learning and mastering the English language. Research shows that video games are capable of enhancing traditional learning methods. The same thing can be said for mastering the said language.

Here are some of the greatest benefits of using video games to learn English.

#1. Improves Linguistic Skills and Cognitive Development

Once combined with a solid foundation in terms of vocabulary and grammar, video games can propel your skills in comprehension, reading, and even speaking. Interestingly, the results are more pronounced in struggling individuals. That is because video games appear to be effective in helping struggling people compensate for what is called learning gaps.

So how exactly is this achieved? Basically, video games require the integration of various linguistic skills, such as speaking, reading, and listening, among many others. For instance, you want to improve your grammar. Video games help you understand the complexities around this subject so you can improve. Think about them as something that is akin to an online grammar checker but only that you will be enjoying at the same time.

#2. Provides In-Context Learning

It holds true that students, in particular, tend to learn faster and comprehend a lot better when forced to utilize the information. The same thing can be said when they are asked to do this in real-world situations. Apparently, playing video games is similar to an immersion-based learning or even contextual method. It is the same thing you experience when trying to live abroad and being forced to socialize with people using the native language.

Video games offer you both context and constant feedback. By doing so, you can easily use the knowledge you gain in the classroom – including the conventional study method – and master the English language (or any new language, so to speak) much faster.

#3. Makes Studying Fun and Alleviates Stress

Remember when the aforementioned said that video games can be likened to an online grammar checker? Instead of trying to hassle yourself with learning grammar by the books, playing video games can make the overall experience fun. Not that using books is wrong – it will always be the best method. But playing video games and learning grammar, alleviates the pressure and stress.

That way, you can learn and master the English language in a more convenient premise. You will not feel any pressure. The good thing is you are having fun while being able to learn the language.

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