2020 – A BIG Year For Apple

It looks like Apple Inc. are finally working on a new design for their new upcoming iPhone 12. We haven’t seen a change this drastic in  the shape of an iPhone since the big transition from the iPhone 5 and 5s to the iPhone 6. The exciting and long-awaited redesign is set to make a huge success , as everyone will be eager to try out the all new design.

We will be seeing a number of flagship iPhones to be released in the coming year of 2020, four are confirmed. Besides the high end iPhone 12 which will come in 5.4 and 6.1 inch and 12 pro and Pro Max (6.1inch and 6.7inch), they will also be releasing a couple lower-end entry level devices, similar to what we have seen in the past like the iPhone SE, under the name of the iPhone SE2 or iPhone 9. Another cool addition to all these iPhones will be compatibility with 5G. In addition, they will also be releasing an all new more compact version of their HomePod smart speaker, the MacBook Pro 2020 and the all new Apple AirTags, tracking devices shaped like tiny tiles- an interesting addition to their list of quirky products. The iPhone’s gaming sector will also receive an upgrade, with the recent start of the growth of Apple arcade, a cheap subscription service where you get access to hundreds of usually paid for games for as little as 5 dollars a month. We will also be seeing all new chipsets and hefty specifications on the upcoming iPhones, to give us an even better and more immersive mobile gaming experience with a bigger variety of bigger games than we have ever experienced before on a smartphone, while the iMacs and Macbooks continue to reign as kings of the processing and rendering sector.

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Some of the devices we will be seeing this year might be released a bit later than usual due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Although there are no reports of any significant or major delays, The launch planners have said that they will still fall within the usual fall window.

iPhone 12

The iPhone 12 series’ new design is not yet confirmed by Apple, but as said in rumors posted by reliable sources, the new design is going to be designed under the theme of the iPad Pro, which means it’s set to be a completely different shape and feel than it’s recent predecessors. It’s going to feature a flat display with sharp, round corners and a flat stainless steel edge. Sound like the iPhone 5 much? Yep! It’s what it was inspired by! Besides being ridiculously thinner, carrying a much larger display, and a larger number of camera lenses of course.. The models are also said to feature the lidar AR (augmented reality) sensor, which was recently introduced with the iPad Pro in 2020. The highest end iPhone 12 might also be a fifth of an inch bigger than the iPhone 11 Pro Max, which is a whopping six and a half inches!

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iPhone SE2/ iPhone 9

The all new 2020 mid range iPhones will come in three variants, 256GB, 128GB and 64GB. They will be available in red, black and white. It is said that it will be designed after the iPhone 8, down to its 4,7inch display, thick border and an actual home button, although it’s going to feature new internals, all upgraded- including their newest CPU, their A13 processor chipset, which is the same one which runs the iPhone 11 series, perfect to run any kind of games. It is said that it’s going to cost at the 400 dollar price range.This shows Apple’s revisited commitment to low budget phones as global smartphone sales carry on to dwindle, as clues show that the worldwide economy is heading towards a recession.

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