2022 Facebook Ads Trends for Better ROI

A social media network used by 2.6 billion people, Facebook is now a widespread network. Increasingly, brands are taking advantage of Facebook marketing, which has brought excitement and courage. Well, that’s awesome, but if you want to reach the right audience, it’s getting more complex day by day.

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The Facebook algorithm is constantly being changed due to its user-centric nature. Users will be able to see content relevant to their interests first in the newest one. Businesses are having a hard time targeting their desired audience via Facebook precisely because of this problem. For a more profitable return, adding a Facebook ad cost calculator will be ideal.

#1: Integrate Facebook Ads with News Feed Posts

The first trend is more of a big-picture one than specifics for Facebook ads. Model your Facebook ads based on what people normally see in their news feed whenever you run a campaign.

While the best ads and the one’s expert run for businesses nicely match the newsfeed copy and imagery, so they seem like organic posts. People are more likely to stop reading the ads or scroll since they blend in with the other feed content. Similarly, your ads should stand out while matching the news feed.

#2: Relax Your Grammar

You may want to loosen up your grammar in Facebook ads since many advertisers use stuffy language. Ad copy for Facebook ads should be less formal since it’s a casual platform.

Consider how your target demographic writes when they text with their friends, for instance, and match that style. It can work well sometimes, and it’s a good experiment. Those in their 20s tend to write in fragments and use few punctuation marks. It might help your results if your Facebook ad copy reflects their texting style.

Defying grammar rules or dropping punctuation would not align with the brand, so don’t do it. For a more casual brand, try experimenting with this technique.

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#3: Create shorter videos

Video is the future of all marketing, I know that sounds repetitive, but it is true. People pay attention to Facebook ads as soon as there is a motion.

These two points should be considered when creating a video.

  • Do not overthink production quality. It’s not necessary to make videos that look like a TV commercial to use in Facebook ads. Videos with high-value content are crucial to success.
  • Make sure your videos are short. A business is often intimidated by the idea of creating video, thinking it must be polished and professional and last 3 minutes or longer. You can simplify the process by simply creating shorter videos. In 20 or 30 seconds, you can fit a lot of content into your ad.

#4. Use casual images

In your Facebook ads, static imagery is essential. As with video, you don’t have to take your static images professionally. Images that feel authentic and casual perform best on Facebook and Instagram. It is recommended to relax the imagery in your ads just a smidge and see how that impacts the response.

#5: Test Different Facebook Ad Copy Lengths

For this trend, let’s debunk the myth of a “golden length” of Facebook ad copy-the number of characters or sentences that will result in results. It would be best to evaluate what works best for your audience when it comes to the length of your ad copy. A good way to stay ahead or fall behind as an advertiser is to experiment with different lengths. Few people would say no to two sentences; it’s short and sweet. You might want to try three to four sentences in a medium copy. Lastly, test your copy with a longer version. The story can be told in a few paragraphs or many if necessary.