3 leading enterprise software development trends in 2020

The enterprise software developers continuously incorporate new technologies, adjusting the features of apps to the clients’ needs. What are the leading trends in 2020?

The technology progress does not lose its pace. You can realize it, looking back. For instance, just a decade ago, AI was something associated with weird experiments rather than a useful tool. Today, its usage becomes a standard in various branches of the business. There are numerous other examples of such a progression – many of the trends not only simplified our lives but even changed the course of the global economy. 

Following the newest trends in enterprise software is the best way to keep your company ready for the growing requirements of the market – not only in case you are a coder. Take a look at the leading enterprise software development trends in 2020!

Motion UI

In the era of online website creators and ready-made templates, standing out from the internet crowd is still not that easy as it may seem. The ones that try it anyway,  often consider interactive interfaces and animations. Incorporating it into the website with Motion UI is easier and faster. This Saas library allows quick creation of CSS animated elements. Its usage will not be difficult even for the coders that have limited knowledge of JS and jQuery.   

Motion UI may be useful to dynamically present the ideas and objectives of the company or organization. The users are less likely to skip such attractive content – it will be specially adequate for landing pages. Probably, soon the usage of extended Motion UI will become a standard but now it is one of the leading trends.

Cloud-based enterprise

Cloud computing is another new standard, that has become an essential part of our everyday life in a short time. However, in the beginning, its safety raised a lot of doubts, it has become one of the most prominent branches of the online business – most of the software company’s offer solutions based on it. And in fact, cloud-computing is actually safer than any other solution. It is also the most functional, as it allows to distribute the data to various locations without any disruptions.


Artificial intelligence is no longer a distant technology that appears mainly in sci-fi films, but something implemented commonly by apps and software companies from the various areas of the business. It is more effective in analyzing data and solving complicated tasks than anything before. No wonder why its implementation becomes so common, especially when it comes to enterprise software development.  

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