Why get a ReactJS certification?

It is important that every individual should move with the times and cater to the demands of the times. For web developers and data scientists who deal with technology and shape the way technology is going to work in the future, it is all the more important for them to be aware of the new and efficient technologies that are coming up.

Professionals who are looking to make a career out of web development have the extra responsibility of making sure that they are up to date with all the tools required for developing the best content and application. Hence, it is imperative that one gets React.js training and certification as soon as possible and from the right source.

The distinction between getting tuition and proper certification lies in the credibility that certification gives to a person. Having knowledge of a programming language is not enough unless you can provide proof of your mastery. Apart from that, the following are some of the reasons why one should get react.js certification at the earliest.

React.js is easy to learn.

React.js is a JavaScript framework that is pretty easy to learn. If one has good knowledge of JavaScript they can easily learn React in a few hours which is nothing when compared to the time it takes to learn other frameworks. This automatically suggests that learning React.js is both time-efficient and profitable since one learns an important skill in no time.

React.js is popular among the leading web developers.

Starting from Facebook to Netflix to Apple, all the leading tech companies are using react.js because of its efficient web development framework. It was Facebook that first started using React back in 2011 and now more companies are slowly incorporating React in their systems. This suggests that if anyone wants to make a career out of the development of apps, this is the best skill to have in the business in order to secure that dream job one was looking for.

With React, one can develop apps for both Android and iOS.

React is one framework that allows developers to create both Android and iOS apps unlike any other JavaScript framework. Once an individual is well versed with React, they no longer need to create two different representations for an app, making it faster to create new interfaces, thus leading to the completion of an app faster with a wider reach. Moreover, an individual will have the versatility to work with any app developer of their choice without being constrained by a limited skill.

React provides more efficiency because it uses virtual DOM rather than regular DOM.

React uses virtual DOM, unlike other web development frameworks which means that the nodes are re-rendered wherever required making the process of developing user interfaces more efficient and allowing an individual to complete an app faster than usual.

React has a growing community.

JavaScript has become one of the most popular frameworks among the upcoming web developers. Moreover, the growing popularity of React.js means that the community of React is forever increasing. Since React is open source, the builders are constantly adding new components to the library, while developing new methods that can make React more efficient than it already is. Having a React certification will not only allow a builder to develop apps using this framework, but it will give access to the vast repository of knowledge that is being circulated among the React community allowing greater efficiency of a builder. Moreover, React has great tools to work with like React profiler and React dev tools which anyone having knowledge of React can have access to making their work better and unique.

React has proven to allow large scale implementation.

In 2011, it was Facebook who first started using React.js and have added over 50,000 components to Facebook since then. Also, companies like Netflix, Apple and so on have incorporated React to their app building. This proves that React allows large scale implementation and does not show any visible problem in such uses. This allows builder versatility and ability to deal with large scale app building.

React is constantly adapting itself to the fast-paced world of web development.

One of the crucial features of app development is the fast pace at which the technological world is moving. This leads to frameworks becoming obsolete in a year and the introduction of new frameworks. While large companies can afford to replace old frameworks, small scale businesses cannot afford such replacement which always puts such companies one step behind the large companies. With React, even small-scale companies can think of competing with large scale companies since React neither depreciate nor does it remove APIs.

React.js is intuitive.

Even though it is said that React works in a peculiar manner unlike other JavaScript frameworks, it is intuitive in nature. This leads to organic web development that makes app development interesting and dependent on individual creativity allowing the development of unique user interfaces that can engage users.

Get higher pay.

It is no brainer that having access to the most popular building framework among web developers will also make anyone with knowledge of React popular and coveted by leading companies. This will lead to a high pay scale and better opportunities for builders with React knowledge to apply to various leading web development companies and get placed in one such company.

Increase credibility.

While React.js is easy to learn by yourself, it is important to get proper certification in it since it increases credibility of an individual. A certification acts as a proof of competence of an individual and being a part of a structured course will allow one to test their level of expertise in the field. Moreover, the added tests and worksheets that are included in a course will help in a better understanding of the framework.

React is a tool that will help you make strides towards the future. As the world becomes dependent on virtual apps for their most basic needs and React being the most versatile tool for development of such apps there can be no other option but for upcoming web developers to get an industry-recognized certification on this framework.