3 reasons why you should buy a preowned mobile phone instead of a new one

In the modern day and age of rapid technological advancement, there are new innovations in technology happening left and right. Before you have taken off the cover of your brand new laptop, you will hear the rumors of the newer model soon to be hitting the markets. Every time someone sneezes, there is news of a new iPhone release.

But with the recession approaching, try as we might, we cannot keep ourselves updated with the latest gadgets. Because of this, there has been an increased trend of buying used phones instead of new ones.

In the following paragraphs, we will discuss how and why the decision to buy used phones instead of a brand new one is a smart one.

1.    You are making significant savings when you go for a preloved device

First of all, let’s consider the real reason anyone considers getting a preloved item: the huge reduction in price. The latest phones today can cost about a thousand dollars! Pretty ridiculous to pay this amount for a tiny gadget, don’t you think?

However, luckily, today you can find slightly used versions of the phone that you want to buy for a fraction of the original price! These are mobile sets that are almost as good as new and most times, even you will not be able to tell the difference.

2.    Refurbished models will come with a warranty

Now before we get on with this, let us discuss the difference between a preowned and a refurbished phone. A preowned or used phone is simply one that belonged to a person before going on sale and they simply decided to change up their phone or sell it for any other reason.

On the other hand, a refurbished set is one that was sold, was diagnosed with a problem, sent back to the manufacturer to clear the fault, and is now available to be resold. This means that there is a pretty solid chance that it may still have the original problem, or may soon develop a new one.

However, this is no reason why you should shun refurbished phones. Why, you ask? Because not only are they a whole lot lighter on the pocket, they are also thoroughly checked and rechecked to be fully functional.

But that’s not all! These refurbished sets also often come with a warranty. This means that in the event of any unfortunate issue arising with the set within the warranty period, you can just take it back to where you bought it and they will replace or repair it for you. Simple, isn’t it?

3.    You can save the money on smartphone accessories too!

If you are careful when buying your used cellphone, you will not be missing out on any accessories either. However, often times the advertisement for these refurbished sets has no mention of a charger cable or a headset. In these cases, it is safe to assume that these are not included.

But if you have some old ones lying around from your previous model, you can simply use those. Not only do you get to save enormously at the expense of these small accessories, you also put what you already have to greater use. Sounds like a sweet deal to us!

The final word

Have you been thinking of replacing your old phone but do not have enough dough in the pocket? Are you also one of the people who are mesmerized by each new iPhone but do not have a fortune to spare? If yes, then you might want to consider getting your hands on a slightly used piece instead of a new one!

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