What To Expect From The Next iPhone

If Apple follows their typical release schedule, the new iPhone will be available sometime this summer, and the rumors are already flying about what that’s going to contain. With rival phones from Android stepping up their game, will Apple feel the pressure to do something completely new and spectacular? Maybe it’ll be like the 4S, which made small improvements to the iPhone 4 but didn’t break out of the mold too much. Nobody really knows, as Apple hasn’t provided us with any official information yet, but there are some of the speculated changes.

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What To Expect From The Next iPhone

Wireless Charging
Plenty of smartphones use wireless charging now, but you still have to put the phone onto a pad, and that pad has to be plugged in somewhere. Apple may be digging into genuinely wireless charging, as they have taken steps to use Near Field Magnetic Resonance. NFMR technology would allow a computer to function as a power hub that could charge your phone as long as they were within a meter of each other.

While IOS 6 did not receive rave reviews when it was launched, there may actually be a reason to be excited about this. Apple’s favorite superstar designer, Jonathon Ive, is taking over the next series of upgrades, so we can all be looking forward to some cool new ideas and features from him. If nothing else, the new operating system should contain an update to Siri and Apple Maps and, hopefully, iron out some of the hiccups from the last OS launch.

A Lower Price
Although high-end Android phones are selling for similar prices, the iPhone’s steep cost is beginning to feel unreasonable to users. When you can get a decent smartphone for free with a 2-year contact, asking for $199-399 along with that contract seems like just too much to pay. In Brazil and China, Apple has already had to lower their prices to draw in the market there. A cheaper iPhone is going to have to happen at some point, and we hope it’ll be this summer.

Faster Processor
iOSDoc published some leaked photos that hint at a processor upgrade. Specifically, they imply the iPhone’s A6 dual-core processor will be upgraded to an A7 quad-core. While this probably won’t be a noticeable difference for most people, it may be very helpful for those who use their phone to play graphics-intensive games, watch high-definition movies, or run apps that use a lot of processing power.

Camera Upgrades
Apple works a little to improve their cameras on every new release. What could they improve this time around? Upgrading to more megapixels could be a good idea, especially if they want to compete with the Android phones that boast an impressive 13 megapixels. It would also be nice if Apple worked out a decent smartphone flash.

Should I Buy It?
What could ultimately make this new iPhone a favorite is the possible lower price. The new features are likely to be small bonuses rather than a massive overhaul, but it could be worth it if the price was lowered significantly. Keep an eye out, because if you’ve been waiting for a more affordable iPhone price, this may be your summer.

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