Case Mod Friday: Smokey Green Giant

Project Name: Smokey Green Giant


Tell us a little about your case / case mod?
The inspiration for this build comes from the frustration of dealing with small cases while water cooling. I set out to find a case that was simply huge and didn’t have terrible outer aesthetics. I found the Fulmo GT met these requirements so quickly ordered one and set to work gutting it and making it to my liking. In the end I went with a dual loop water cooled setup, one for CPU the other GPU, each cooled by a single 420mm Alphacool radiator. And what started out as a TRI-SLI 3GB GTX 580 rig quickly became QUAD-SLI 580s and finally I went for a pair of GTX Titans. I’m super happy with the results and will just be enjoying it for awhile!

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– Enermax Fulmo GT
– Enermax Max Revo 1350W
– Gigabyte G1. Sniper3
– Intel 3770K
– Samsung Green 30nm 16GB
– 2x GTX Titans (originally quad 580’s)
– 2x 120GB Vertex3 RAID 0
– 1 TB WD Caviar Black
– 2x D5 with full Bitspower dress kits
– 2x Bitspower 250ml reservoirs
– 2x Alphacool NexXXxoS UT60 420mm
– 2x EK Geforce GTX Titan-Acrylic
– EK Supreme HF-Acrylic
– Monsoon Fittings
– Bitspower Fittings/Extensions
– 13x Akasa 140mm Apache Black
– Lamptron FC5 V2 Controller
– MasterKleer 1/2″ x 3/4″ Tubing

List of Custom Modifications
– Stripped case of everything inside.
– Custom MB tray
– Custom Mid plate/Front plate
– Custom Radiator shroud
– Custom Power/Reset buttons and panel
– Modded 5.25″ Bay to hold only fan controller
– Paint, lots of paint…
– Full Custom made wiring
– Custom Bracket for SSD’s and Reservoirs
– Lighting
– Side panel window
– Fully Custom made wiring

Builder: Derrick Ubbink

Build Log:

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