4 Security Tools All Businesses Need

With larger and larger hacking attacks in the news all the time, security is a foremost concern for most modern companies seeking to secure their important information. Setting up a solid security system is a daunting task, but far from impossible. If you are looking for some solid advice on how to guard your own network from intrusion, take a look at the list below.

Strong Firewall

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A firewall is your first line of defense against people outside your network attempting to break in to your computer systems and steal your valuable data. Good firewalls keep increasing numbers of people out from where they shouldn’t be, ending security problems before they start. Of course, the best firewall software in the world is entirely useless if not deployed properly. Setting up a strong firewall should be a top priority for your IT team when they are preparing your network for action. Ask for program recommendations from your in-house IT team, or look around online.

Fraud Alerts

However secure your system may seem to be, there is always the potential for problems to emerge. Sometimes these problems come out of external intrusions, and sometimes they come out of unscrupulous actors within your company taking advantage of you. A good system of fraud alerts can give you the jump on these malicious attackers. By setting alerts to go off when unusual activities occur on your system, you can get human eyes on the situation ASAP and determine if the trigger is truly a security event or if it is something more innocuous.

Cloud Security

Cloud storage is the wave of the future in business computing. The reason why is obvious: with remote storage so cheap and high-speed internet access so ubiquitous, there is less and less reason to own a large amount of clunky and perpetually degrading storage assets on your physical site when instead you can rent space elsewhere. But, as the hacking scandals in the news demonstrate, cloud storage means vulnerability if you fail to use the proper security measures. Look over different ways to secure your access to your cloud storage to make sure your secrets don’t become public knowledge.

Windows GodMode

This is something of an oddity on this list because it doesn’t refer to some external program or service on offer. Instead, it refers to something that is probably already on your computer if you use one of the modern variants of the Windows operating system. GodMode is a hidden systems folder that collects a variety of powerful and useful tools for your system administrator to deploy. While the programs themselves are extremely capable of helping fend off problems on your system, the real trick lies in making sure that your IT personnel are trained in the latest security protocols and able to use these features to their utmost.

Strong security software is more and more available in the modern marketplace. With this list and the advice of your own security team, the dream of a solid and defensible computer network is an attainable reality.

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