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For a very long time, many PC gamers despised the idea of gaming laptops. After all, how could you fit all that power in such a small form? It was unimaginable to many people.

And even if you could somehow squeeze it in, it has to be deafeningly loud or incredibly heavy, right? Well, the gaming world is advancing rapidly, and it’s doing so with an incredible pace. So much so that big gray box companies are taking notice. HP, for instance, is jumping back in with its Omen gaming notebook. Pretty competitive, you must admit.

Gone are the days when a modestly powerful gaming laptop had to be a back-breaker. Many aren’t much thicker than some of the sleek Ultrabooks out there now. But what about the performance? The gap between desktop and mobile GPU performance is narrowing faster and faster.

Lenovo IdeaPad Y900

So can a desktop-replacement laptop now truly live up to its name? There’s only one way to find out, and that’s by comparing them. However, if you are a fan of online games, you have the choice of playing the best online bingo games both on desktop and gaming laptop. The experience of playing these online games is memorable whichever one you choose. Dota, for example is a perfect game for a strong PC. With a high-end graphics and abundance of details, it would be a true experience when played on a PC. Heartstone, on the other hand would be a great game for laptops. It’s a collectible card battle game set in the Warcraft universe, with an incredibly simple layout. The drag-and-drop card gameplay makes it absolutely perfect if you’re playing on a touchscreen laptop. All you need is an internet connection to go along with your laptop and you’re ready to play.

Well, Gaming laptops differ from normal high end laptops in various ways. Some of the comparable features are cooling system, better graphic performance, and other features like RGB keyboard and more. As well, Gaming Laptops offer better ventilation in the design so it can control the temperature of the laptop and reduce the risk of damaging hardware components. Speaking of a graphic processor, gaming laptops features better dedicated high end graphic cards and powerful processor than other normal high end laptops. And normal laptops have simple classic keyboards, whereas gaming laptops comes with attractive RGB keyboard in which you can play even in the dark without any problems.

As per the technology in the last couple of years, even laptops also features the same specs as gaming desktop to offer good gaming performance, but you have to go with high price tag laptops like Razer, Dell Alienware, and Asus while in gaming desktop you can get much better performance than laptops by customizing your PC at the same price.

Gaming Laptop have all features that you can see on a gaming Desktop like Intel i5 or i7 processors and GPU like NVIDIA GTX 980M, so on. But the main advantage that you can find in gaming desktop is that you are offered a lot of options to customize it on your own way according to your budget. Also a customized gaming desktop costs less than the gaming laptop which comes with the same specifications and features when compared.

Gaming Desktops supports better cooling systems like water cooling – only few laptops support this feature – so that, you can see much better gaming performance on Desktops.

Another main thing that has to be considered here are processors and graphic processors. Gaming laptops sports Mobile processors and Mobile graphic processing units, which are less powerful compared to Desktop version of CPUs and GPUs. Recently, a new laptop launched with Desktop graphic card GTX980 that performs equal to the desktops, but you can only buy it if you have tons of money to spend on it.

So, what’s it going to be in the end? Gaming laptop or a Gaming Desktop? Actually, it depends on you and on what type of a gamer you are. Gaming laptop will be the best choice for you, unless you are a person who wants to play video games, even outside of your house by sitting on the grass, or in living room. But if you are more likely to play games like a pro by sitting alone in a room and want high performance without any issues, then think no more and go with Gaming desktop.

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