Everything you need to know before buying a VPN

VPN is fast becoming a must have commodity but there’s still so much that remains a mystery about it. No-one can be truly content to invest in something if they have any reservations or aren’t 100% certain they understand the premise; so here’s everything you need to know before buying VPN.


Virtual Private Network – essentially a private network exclusively for your use using a public network for internet access. In layman’s terms, additional security online that’s effectively impenetrable.


VPN doesn’t necessarily have to be an expensive investment but, as with any financial decision, it has to suit the user. A minimal spend on a VPN service will usually mean minimal benefits and restrictions will likely be imposed.

Equally, a very expensive VPN service might actually offer much more than you really need. The most expensive VPN services are aimed at large businesses and those who handle significant amounts of sensitive information rather than an online gamer seeking a secure, reliable connection for their VR needs.


Logging refers to the recording of information when you’re online. It doesn’t mean the system is taking notes on your Facebook updates, instead a log is a data file that chronicles your connection data and usage information.

If you have a need to keep your IP information secret, it’s best to opt for VPN that offers a Zero Logging Policy. Equally, if you’d rather there wasn’t a comprehensive file on the sites you access, software you use and files you’ve downloaded – Zero Logging is best.


VPN allows you to browse the internet through a completely secure server; nothing gets in and only the information your permit gets out. However, data encryption is only as safe as you make it based on your passwords and other security details you set for yourself – ensure they’re strong or you could be just as vulnerable.


For a multitude of reasons, numerous servers make for a faster and more reliable internet connection that is far more versatile than your standard broadband line. A key example is the online gaming community wherein users can access servers around the world to play against, or with, users in other countries.

VPN allows these users to access the servers in their colleagues home nation meaning the connection is a stable and reliable as it can possibly be – this also works for downloads should an update be released in another country before your own. Some VPNs like NordVPN is specifically designed and optimized use for mobile devices.

There’s a lot to learn about VPN before you can confidently invest in the service. There’s a number of reliable resources available online which offer important things to know before buying a VPN. Just remember; it needn’t be expensive, confusing or a security risk if you do your research.

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