Case Mod Friday: APC Watercooling

Project Name: APC Watercooling

Builder: APC Watercooling

About This Mod / Build: This week we have an incredibly sleek build from APC Watercooling. APC Watercooling is out of Thailand so we do not know a whole lot about the build. This build is done inside the unique ERAGON Template Glass Aluminum Edition which just looks awesome. You can see they’ve done a pretty much all white build with multiple Galaxy Hall of Fame (HOF) products. Be sure to check this build out!


16107332_1595372053813094_1547614085705498992_o 15995230_1595372260479740_1448760974820378311_o 15994966_1595371843813115_8228602439010797212_o 15994650_1595371930479773_2058776960323747738_o 15994445_1595371837146449_905214844809059854_o 15975183_1595372370479729_957319281082399221_o 15975067_1595372367146396_3259205892649159417_o 15974992_1595371840479782_8039639999901221248_o 15972596_1595371927146440_7595849069826411805_o 15972529_1595372270479739_5114402725349271310_o 15972453_1595372050479761_4693015580499337697_o 15937203_1595372060479760_1971923132543009029_o 15936859_1595371920479774_5009918857174393914_o 15896013_1595372257146407_4591171636606951169_o

Mainboard: Asus Z170S Sabertooth
CPU: Kabylake i7-7700 / 3.60GHz
VGA: Galax GTX 1070 HOF 8GB Limited
RAM: Galax HOF 32GB Bus 3600 (4*8GB)
PSU: Super Flower Leadex 650W 80+ White
HDD: Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB 64MB Cache
SSD: Intel 540s / 240GB
Case: ERAGON Template Glass Aluminum Edition
Coolant: Mayhems Aurora Silver

– Custom sleeving
– Custom watercooling loop
– Custom hard tubing
– Custom reservoir
– Custom ROG logo on front

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