Is the iPad Pro a Worthy Alternative to a Laptop?

iPad Pro” (CC BY 2.0) by Parker Knight

With Apple’s highest spec iPad Pro coming in with 4 GB of RAM it’s hardly going to contend with the operating power of the likes of the Lenovo ThinkPad, which has 32 GB. For hard-core gamers that play intricately detailed online multiplayer games like Battlefield 4, switching to an iPad Pro from a gaming laptop is completely out of the question. But for busy people who use their laptops for work and casual gaming, and are on the move a lot, then it could be argued that investing in an iPad Pro makes a lot of sense.

In recent years tablets have become more and more prevalent. They are now presented to customers in restaurants instead of menus, and used by waiting staff to take orders. One restaurant in San Francisco even uses iPads instead of plates! Rather than taking notes in meetings with a pen and paper, businessmen and women now tap away at the screen of their tablets. Commuters no longer take up valuable space on the tube with hefty books that get in people’s way; they swipe the screen of their tablets when accessing the Kindle app. The multitude of things these revolutionary pieces of tech can do goes on, but they have never quite managed to contend with laptops when it comes to usefulness.

That’s where the iPad Pro comes in to change the game. The top of the range tablet comes with 256GB of storage, which is the same as those leading laptops that feature SSD disks, and is priced at £939 for the WiFi version. This sounds like a lot but when you decide to go for it, you will no longer need to own both a laptop and a tablet.

First of all, it does everything that you need your laptop or tablet to do. You can download all your favourite apps to it, from social media like Facebook and Instagram, to gaming with anything from Crossy Road to roulette. Some sites have even geared their games towards the iPhone or iPad due to the sheer number of users, to create a better gaming experience on the go. The Bitcoin iPhone casino from Vegas Casino offers a wealth of gaming options from slots to blackjack with a live dealer. Being able to play these games on the move or at home is of great importance to a lot of gamers.

The main feature that sets the iPad pro apart from your average tablet is the foldaway keyboard. This means it can instantly be converted from a tablet to a laptop. For many, typing on a tablet can be a laborious experience, but using the additional keyboard eradicates this issue. This means sitting down to send emails, write books, update websites, and quickly make notes can now be done easily through the tablet.

Because the iPad pro is so easy to carry around and can do all the same things as a laptop, businessmen, writers and bloggers, casual gamers, and anyone who lives life on the move, should consider owning one instead of a chunky laptop. In the years to come, these hybrid tablet computers could take the world by storm.

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