4K UHD TVs Won’t Be Useful For Another Year Say Analysts

According to DigiTimes, analysts claim that 4K TV’s will not be efficient and useful for at least another year.  The 4K TV’s give a resolution of 3840 X 2160 , which gives unmatched picture clarity along with quality , but it’s almost useless since there is no content to cater 4K technology up till now. Moreover consumers and industries won’t adopt this technology till at least a year for sure.


At the moment there is very little TV that can be streamed in 4K from channel providers since Blu-ray and 3D movies are not available in 4K quality yet. The best way out for accumulation 4K content in the near future is going to be upgrading of content using the extensively available 1080p HD content that is now the standard resolution of industry.

You must be keen to know what actually 4K technology is. Let us edify you what analysts have to say about it.  It can be useful in two ways, firstly they can stream 3D content in a high definition screen resolution (1080p) since the current 3D content cuts down the resolution in half due to pattern retarded technology that is presently in use , resulting in half HD 3D film . Secondly it’s useful simply because of  its boasting rights.

A lot of market observers’ believe that this 4K technique is just a market publicity stunt . So let’s wait and see , how far this turns out to be true.

Source: DigitTimes | News Archive