Wednesday, July 18, 2018

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NVIDIA Enables Support For 4K Netflix On GTX 10 Series Cards

Up until now if you wanted to enjoy 4K Neflix on your PC you would need one of the latest Kaby Lake processors because of certain DRM restrictions. Well it looks like NVIDIA is taking it upon themselves to allow users with a GTX 10 Series card (except the 1050) to enjoy Netflix in 4K. While you do have to do certain things to make it work correctly, none of them should be a problem.

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LG to Debut 105-inch Curved UHD TV at CES

LG has plans to move far and beyond and it has only recently made an announcement that only one month later it will be revealing a 105-inch form at the CES. However, this one here is going to come with a little twist; it makes use of an LCD rather than the OLED which is far more costly. This is all the courtesy of the enhanced TFT technology which provides for an even back lighting all across the curved surface.

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4K UHD TVs Won’t Be Useful For Another Year Say Analysts

According to DigiTimes, analysts claim that 4K TV’s will not be efficient and useful for at least another year.  The 4K TV’s give a resolution of 3840 X 2160 , which gives unmatched picture clarity along with quality , but it’s almost useless since there is no content to cater 4K technology up till now. Moreover consumers and industries won’t adopt this technology till at least a year for sure.

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