NVIDIA Enables Support For 4K Netflix On GTX 10 Series Cards

Up until now if you wanted to enjoy 4K Neflix on your PC you would need one of the latest Kaby Lake processors because of certain DRM restrictions. Well it looks like NVIDIA is taking it upon themselves to allow users with a GTX 10 Series card (except the 1050) to enjoy Netflix in 4K. While you do have to do certain things to make it work correctly, none of them should be a problem.


These are NVIDIA’s Requirements to enable Netflix UHD playback:

– NVIDIA Driver version exclusively provided via Microsoft Windows Insider Program (currently 381.74).
– No other GeForce driver will support this functionality at this time
– If you are not currently registered for WIP, follow this link for instructions to join: https://insider.windows.com/
– NVIDIA Pascal based GPU, GeForce GTX 1050 or greater with minimum 3GB memory
– HDCP 2.2 capable monitor(s). Please see the additional section below if you are using multiple monitors and/or multiple GPUs.
– Microsoft Edge browser or Netflix app from the Windows Store
– Approximately 25Mbps (or faster) internet connection.

Single or multi GPU multi monitor configuration
In case of a multi monitor configuration on a single GPU or multiple GPUs where GPUs are not linked together in SLI/LDA mode, 4K UHD streaming will happen only if all the active monitors are HDCP2.2 capable. If any of the active monitors is not HDCP2.2 capable, the quality will be downgraded to FHD.


Not a bad thing for NVIDIA to do, especially since there are quite a lot of people rocking GTX 10 Series GPUs that are not on Kaby Lake systems.

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