5 Best Computers for a Student

Currently, education cannot be imagined without the use of modern technologies, in particular, a PC or laptop. As for the latter, it is predominantly chosen by students as they are compact and portable. These design features are quite important as it may be necessary to take your PC to college so that to make a presentation.

Aside from external parameters, a perfect student PC should be productive enough so that standard software and other programs can run without any obstacles. Besides, a decent laptop should have the speakers with a high-quality sound that will be useful after graduation as well.

To find the equipment meeting above, as well as all the other requirements, is not hard these days. Just like finding the best smartphone by Apple or ordering writing services at RapidEssay.com. A perfect laptop for a student should be particularly budget-friendly, as well as possess a powerful processor to handle all the tasks.

Reasonable Cost & Efficient: Suggested Laptops for a Student

  1. Chromebook 15 by Acer

This is one of the most attractive options for students for the cost at which at can be obtained. With its 15.6-inch screen, as well as a 4.85 pounds weight, the Chromebook 15 is the most budget-saving alternative for a student. Besides, it is equipped with a powerful battery providing the possibility of long independent operation. A future owner should know what Chrome OS is.

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It is different from commonplace Windows and macOS. The only disadvantage mentioned by users is the speakers that produce not the best sounds, while the bass is weak. Though, with such an attractive price, a user can purchase loudspeakers separately if they are needed.

  1. Dell XPS 13

It can boast of the eighth generation of Intel Core i5 — i7 and a full HD screen of 13.3 inches. Thanks to the mentioned processor, this laptop will meet all of your demands and much more. It will become a perfect assistant while studying, as well as will remain quite powerful by the time you graduate and start your employment path.

The fantastic quality of graphics along with a repositioned webcam are complemented with a storage of 128 GB. To possess all of these features, one should invest, however, thinking of the years of its operation and efficiency in the future.

  1. Matebook X Pro by Huawei

This is a pal of XPS 13 as it has the same processor and graphics characteristics. The colors on a 13.9-inch 3K screen are vivid and clear. An advantage is its lower cost in comparison to the previous laptop. It has been recognized as one of the most powerful PCs of the year 2019. Its power is measured not only by effectiveness but also by the time of independence from the power supply. It will be an irreplaceable assistant for a freshman, as well as for a graduate, despite the needs.

  1. HP Pavilion 14

Quite an affordable option with plenty of characteristics that will satisfy all the needs of a student. Its i5-8250U processor of the eighth generation by Intel Core, as well as high-quality graphics if a 14-inch screen will not leave you indifferent. While its design is not immaculate, and the battery is not as long-lasting as in the previous models, this HP laptop is a perfect price-quality match for a student.

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  1. Yoga 530 by Lenovo

It is a series of laptops that can be transformed into a tablet when a PC is too heavy or unnecessary. For this reason, it deserves to be considered for students. A 14-inch display is, thus, removable and rotating. This makes Yoga 530 perfect not only for studies but also for watching online lectures and, well, movies. Its Dual-core AMD Ryzen 3 2200U will quickly handle all the tasks and will not let you down.

The above options are standing out most of all the 2019-released PCs. They have been selected with the view to the requirements of students. Even if you have not found a perfectly matching laptop for your needs, keep searching. You will find it.

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