Mobile Applications That Will Define Businesses in 2020

We are clearly at the brink of another technological boom, and you can’t just sit on the sidelines and watch. 2020 could be the year that turns it all around for your business; all you need is an incredible mobile app idea to make your smart move. With the possibility of trends such as the 5G- technology finding footing, there’s never been a perfect time to start a business or grow yours to towering altitudes. This article provides a window into some Mobile app ideas that could change your life next year.

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Fitness Apps

A new year comes with health and fitness resolutions from people all over the world. If you are a tech-savvy entrepreneur, you can step in for busy mobile users who still want to keep fit. With the help of mobile app development services, you can merge technology and fitness into exceptional mobile software. Give your app an edge by installing Artificial Intelligence-powered functionalities such as virtual personal trainers and instructors. In case you are thinking in this line, you can maximize on agile algorithms to merge a myriad of weight and fitness programs. Bodyweight, running, nutrition, and activity tracking apps are some applications that will definitely sell in 2020.

Mobile Banking and Mobile Payment Apps

Digitization of banking services bears significance in our financial lives, and your money is just a click away. Mobile developers are reaping big from mobile banking and payment trends and it’s high time you join the bubble before it pops. As a mobile developer, integrate features such as voice-activated commands, smart bots, and cardless ATMs in order to make a dent in the financial sector. Looking at the successes of apps such as chase mobile and BB&T, this niche still has untapped potential. Internet of things avails possibilities centered on seamless payments and contactless cards. The e-commerce sector will continue to have a disruptive impact on our payment and banking methods and I bet this spells some good business for mobile app developers

Blockchain and CryptoCurrency Apps

Crypto is another terrific investment idea for any tech-savvy brain box. Besides trading, this volatile asset avails innumerable investment opportunities in mobile app development. Thanks to different blockchain APIs (Bitcoin, ethereum, ripple, stellar)    mobile app development services can design:

  1. Crypto mobile wallets
  2. Trading apps for analysis of cryptocurrency trends
  3. Encrypted blockchain apps for storing customers’ information

You can draw inspiration from apps such as Binance, coin base, and kucoin, all of which are crypto trading apps

Chat Bots

If you frequent websites, then you are already familiar with chatbots. Customers demand quick responses to their inquiries and feedback; hence, chatbots are great for improving your online reputation. 2020 will be a compelling year for web developers interested in the chatbot industry. Developers can create apps similar to Siri and Alexa. Apps that provide messaging app solutions on networks like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook will also be very marketable come 2020.

Taxi apps.

We can’t discount the fact that apps smoothened operations for taxi businesses, for customers and drivers alike. Statistics indicate that about 75 million taxi riders actively use the Uber app.

With these statistics likely to soar higher, I bet mobile app developers can give Uber a ride for their money. Aim for uniqueness by integrating features such as price comparison, fare calculation, rating features, and built-in maps

Healthcare And Medical Apps.

Machines are seeping their way into our lives and even the health and wellness industry is included. The hospital space is likely to shrink in the future, making room for robots and virtual doctors through mobile applications. Healthcare apps have amassed flaring popularity in recent times. Through blockchain technology, for example, mobile app development services are helping hospitals manage their data usage and sharing more efficiently. Here are some ideas for health:

  • Apps for monitoring chronic illnesses.
  • Apps for keeping personal medical records.
  • Appointment schedules Apps that help in improving doctor-patient interactions.
  • Mental health apps for therapy.
  • Dictionary apps for health jargons

E-Commerce Apps That Integrate AR.

Online shopping is a fully immersive experience today, thanks to e-commerce apps like Amazon, Ebay and Starbucks. Having your items delivered right at your doorstep is a pleasure we wouldn’t do without. Luckily, 2020 holds possibilities of amazing e-commerce trends that will enable mobile developers to make something out of the online marketplace.

Thanks to virtual and augmented realities, mobile app developers can create apps that enable shoppers to see and even try out items before adding them to their carts. You can also design budgeting and apps that allow for big purchases.

You can also integrate AR in apps that offer makeup tutorials, especially for beauty products.

Navigation Maps

Thanks to Google maps, we no longer relate to taking wrong lanes and stuff like that. In 2020, mobile app development services are likely to come up with navigation maps for schools, shopping malls, and offices. Design maps that allow for easy turning, indicate real traffic information, parking, vehicle condition reports, and language use in specific regions.

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