5 Best Laptop For Gamers 2020

When it comes to gaming, having the best equipment is vital for being successful. You don’t want to be the gamer that is lagging behind or not winning games because you are being outdueled with the laptop or computer that you have. In this article, we are going to take a look at the 5 best gaming laptops for 2020. There are a couple of important things to consider when you first think about buying a laptop.

The first thing to consider is your budget. You must think about how much money you want to spend and what your budget is. There are plenty of different laptops that are available for every single price range.

Another important thing to think about is what you are hoping to get out of your laptop. Is speed more important, or are you more focused on getting the best graphics? It’s also important to look at processing chips and understanding how different processors and different chips can speed up your laptop and make it run more smoothly. Here are the 5 best gaming laptops in 2020.

  1. Asus ROG Zephyrus G14

CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 4900HS | GPU: Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 Max-Q | RAM: 16GB DDR4-3200 | Screen: 14-inch Full HD IPS 120Hz | Storage: 1TB SSD NVMe PCIe 3.0 | Battery: 180W | Dimensions: 12.76″ (324mm) x 8.74″ (222mm) x 0.70″ (179mm) | Weight: 3.53lbs

The Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 is a very versatile laptop. It is fast, it is portable and it is under $1200. This is a great laptop for a gamer that doesn’t want to spend a ton of money but still wants a great product. The reviews for this laptop have been incredible. Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 is a reliable 14-inch system with high-end graphics that rivals even some gaming desktops.

It can also run Metro Exodus at the highest of settings. Overall, this is a really solid laptop and gamers should take serious consideration to it. Asus is a great brand and this will be a laptop that will compete with the best of them.

  1. MSI GS65 Stealth Thin

CPU: Intel Core i7 8750H | GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 – RTX 2080 Max-Q | RAM: 16GB-32GB DDR4-2666 | Screen: 15.6-inch Full HD 144Hz | Storage: 512GB- 1TB M.2 SSD | Battery: 82 Whr | Dimensions: 9.75 x 14.08 x 0.69 inches | Weight: 4.14 lbs

The MSU GS65 Stealth Thin is hands down one of the best gaming laptops on the market for a gamer. It is a great looking laptop that also gets the job done with graphics and processing speeds. It has 18mm thickness but the screen makes it about an inch smaller than most other laptops. The keyboard is a great added touch on this laptop as it’s a SteelSeries and there is a very responsive touchpad and webcam that can be used as well. This laptop costs right around $2500 but is really worth the price. The best props for this laptop are the great design, a long battery life and powerful internal features that raise the level of this laptop to a really great one.


  1. Dell G3 15

CPU: Intel Core i7 9750H | GPU: Nvidia GTX 1660 Ti Max-Q | RAM: 16GB | Screen: 15.6-inch Full HD IPS 144Hz | Storage: 512GB SSD | Battery: 51 Whr | Dimensions: 0.85 x 14.4 x 10 inches | Weight: 5.40 lb

If you are in the market for a laptop that is truly affordable, it is tough to look past the Dell G3 15. This laptop goes for just $749. With a great battery life and a powerful inside, Dell has really outdone themselves with this laptop. The other great aspect about this laptop is that you are getting the Dell brand name with this laptop. It offers a 1080P gaming configuration and is much sleeker than its other models. One interesting aspect of this laptop is that it doesn’t look like an overwhelming gaming laptop, instead it appears as a regular laptop which is nice.

  1. ASUS Tuf A15

CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 4800H | GPU: Nvidia RTX 2060 | RAM: 16GB DDR4-2666 | Screen: 15.6-inch Full HD IPS 144Hz | Storage: 1TB M.2 NVMe | Battery: 90Wh | Dimensions: 14.1 x 10.1 x 1 inches | Weight: 5.07 lbs

Here is a laptop that has a bit of a steeper price but it is well worth it. It has a new 8-core AMD APU with a 90 Wh battery and 144Hz FHD screen. With that laptop, you’re going to get a design that looks almost military-like. It has an incredible processor and the battery life is really unheard of for this price. As we have said earlier, ASUS is a fantastic brand and you are getting a great product with a laptop made by ASUS.

It definitely outperforms mid-range laptops but it certainly is a steeper price. For the functions and products you are getting with this machine, it is a great option and number two for us.

  1. Razer Blade 15

CPU: 10th Gen Intel Core | GPU: Up to Nvidia RTX 2080 Super Max-Q | RAM: Up to 16GB | Screen: Full HD 144Hz, 300Hz, or OLED 4K 60Hz | Storage: Up to 1TB SSD | Battery: 80Whr | Dimensions: 9.25 x 13.98 x 0.78 inches | Weight: 4.63 lbs

This is the number one laptop for a reason. You can game with your friends, rise up the leaderboards and even play the best jackpot casino games on the Razer Blade 15. The Razer Blade 15 has the best build quality in the game for gaming laptops. It has a very wide range of CPU and GPU options and boats a great battery life. Oh, and you didn’t want a laptop that looked like you’ve been gaming for 20 straight hours, no worries. This laptop looks as well as it performs. It has a ton of different configurations and you can create this exactly as you’d like. It is a very reasonable $1400 and is worth the price for all it can do.