Why SaaS Programs Benefit from an MVP

There are many products and services that require extensive testing and analysis to make a final release in order to fulfill their design goals and satisfy customers. One way businesses are able to settle on a timeline and development cycle is by releasing a minimum viable product, or MVP, that allows them to gauge how a larger release down the road could do. In the case of software as a service platform, this type of release might be even more crucial as it provides the service a solid foundation on which it can grow after launch.

How an MVP Can Enhance a Platform

What makes a product feasible for release is that it is determined to be full of enough features to be used by users without any problematic issues, having the functionality unhindered, but leaving enough room open for improvement. A minimum viable product or service can be launched after it goes through frequent revisions in order to find out what improvements could be made to strengthen it before the final build. For software as a service or SaaS platforms, a minimum viable product can help ascertain whether the service can be used completely as well as securely. As these platforms are going to see long term continued usage, it’s important that they develop a strong foundation of subscribers early on in order to build future growth.

When planning a new release, a developer usually goes through several steps to produce the product in which they chart which features will make it to launch, which ones can be implemented at a later date, and which ones are cost too prohibitive to include. By planning for MVP development cost, devs are able to decide which ideas will be implemented more effectively as they can rely on feedback gathered from the initial launch, and from there can decide which features can optimize product value in the long run. A SaaS platform that releases an MVP can better make decisions on where investments for the future of the platform will go. The best part is that the feedback can be given directly by the ones who will be using the service the most.

Benefits of Launching an MVP

Instead of spending crucial money, and development resources on extra features that could not support a consumer subscription, choosing which features to deliver to a consumer that will give them a general idea of how the service works can allow them to experiment with early adopters and deciding on what features will enhance their overall experience. Usually, a release-approved product would have accomplished many development goals that were decided upon from the initial MVP launch, including a plethora of features that were directly requested from the consumers themselves.

A minimum viable release for a SaaS platform is potentially the biggest boost that marketing a new service can have. After all, potential consumers tend to respond better to things they can actually try out themselves. With an early version of a service offering ready to go, businesses can show instead of tell, and give consumers a compelling argument on why they should get on board.