How to go viral on Facebook in 2021: What’s changed?

Facebook enjoys more than 2.7 billion users monthly and this makes it a great social media platform to extend your market reach. However, with these numbers, Facebook timelines are crowded with tons of posts daily. The huge number of posts daily makes it hard to have your updates gain significant traction to meet your posting objectives. The following ways are resourceful in enhancing that your Facebook posts have a huge probability of going viral and attracting significant attention.


One post can never be enough to guarantee you virality in 2021. On the contrary, it is necessary to build a specific schedule to always post and inform your audience on any new developments within your world. Positing can be done twice a week, or at any rate, that is comfortable and manageable. Once the routine has been established, the audience starts to notice and appreciate your content overtime leading to them sharing willingly. The more shares attracted from enthusiastic ambassadors, the higher the chances of having your post trend.

Running Facebook Ads

Facebook has a huge number of users daily, weekly, and on a monthly basis, and this makes it hard to just stand out in a crowd with normal techniques. To gain tremendous results from your posts, at some point you will have to dig into your pocket. The intriguing bit about Facebook Ads is the ability to customize them to target your audience either by location, age, lifestyle among other traits. Sponsoring Facebook posts is likely to be a continuous trend in 2021, promoted posts generate more traffic, which can be resourceful to a business in achieving their intended purpose.

Facebook advertisements not only attract enormous likes, but also compels the audience to comment and share your posts voluntarily and extensively. It is prudent to note that Facebook Ads are equally affordable and also have an enormous return on investment in terms of audience reach.

The Nature of Content Posted

Individuals and business institutions post different content daily, not all posts get the chance to attract any meaningful attention. Paying close attention to your posts, to identify content that resonates well with your audience is important. It is also necessary to study competitors to establish the nature of the content in their timelines, which have gone viral in the past, this way you get a good idea of how to tailor-make your content in a way that will gain a notable engagement. It is good to test different types of content before you get one that works best for your case.


In addition to the above strategies, requesting your friends to like, comment, and share your posts is also a great way to enhance their going viral. You can also buy Facebook likes though you should do this with a bit of caution. The Facebook algorithm works based on user interactions, so being so authentic in your posts can culminate in more relatable content, likely to generate more interactions. There is no denying the benefits of Facebook going viral, especially for a business, utilizing the highlighted ways above is a great way to boost the chances of gaining traction on Facebook.