5 facts about gaming, interest to it attracting people of all ages

We often hear stories about people who live online. Half of the day they work for some companies as permalancers, afterwards they start their missions as virtual warriors with swards in their hands.

They pay the bills, order food, clothes and new gadgets via the internet. Reality does not make any interest for them.

Of course, these are the most severe cases. But let us be honest – there hardly is a guy who does not play MMORPGs or MMOs after work. Perfect therapy after hard day in dusty office.

What is it? An escape from reality or kind of self-esteem? You never find out without thorough analysis. Here are the five inescapable fact that drag humanity to the Internet making them stick to popular video games:


  1. Accessibility

Want to play with your friends? Send a message and a clan is ready for raid in fifteen minutes. Relax and play wearing your underwear with chips and coke around.

Want some emotions? Take a risk and go to one of local casinos. You do not have to leave your room for that. Type your request and start playing right where you are. Do not forget to check for bonuses at http://casino-au.com/online-casino-no-deposit-bonus.

  1. Reality escape

Our life consists of regular troubles, rent bills, irritating clients and lack of parking spots around the mall. Girlfriend is mad again because you are seven minutes late for dinner. But all this can change in just one click.

There we have servants and billions of dollars or become successful warriors. Certain simulators allow us building ideal lives. Starting with huge luxurious houses and up to appearance choices. It is up to us to decide.

  1. Hero in

Being John Smith with no friends, wife or career seems awful. This is why people tend to stick inside the world wide web where they are not just some delivery guys, but paladins of 80 level.

There they enjoy exciting adventures, explore new worlds, save princesses or search treasures. Psychologists say that seeing the results of every battle or completed mission sends positive impulse to human brain. They see direct result of their work and that makes them ask for more.


  1. Interference

There is huge amount of Internet users who lack communications in real life. They have no friends or even family to chat with. These people suffer from absolute loneliness.

They might have serious social problems that keep them away. Speech impediment or disability make them cop-out. Their only chance on getting new friends is Internet. As we know, the tightest relationships are between game clan members.

  1. Donations

Most games even those that are free, have some offers available only for cash. Most of gamers are giving away their money to get cooler. Who will stop playing after paying for it?

This list is not full. But it explains main features that make gamers stick to screens forever.

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