5 Fun Facts About Cannabis Or Weed

We’ve written down a few fun facts about weed, which even vaping enthusiasts may not know of. While you sit back and think about how you can grab vapor to some weed, learn of marijuana and its interesting history, production processes, and more.

1. Weed Usage Has Roots From Of Old

History tells us that the origins of the usage of marijuana as a medication for bodily pains (i.e. gout and rheumatism) are rooted in ancient Central Asia. This practice flourished around 500 B.C. within the same region. Its “uplifting” effects were little yet known at the time.

Marijuana then, through traders, reached Europe and Africa. From there, cannabis cultivation reached American shores as a resource for textiles.

According to historical research, earlier hemp plants had very low levels of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. THC is a cannabinoid which provides psychoactive effects and allows users to have that feeling of a “high.”

Only, it is possible that its ancient cultivators discovered how to produce organic varieties which had more potent levels of THC.

2. Marijuana Can Lift Your Mood, The Same Way Chocolate Does

Marijuana, or at least the THC it contains, is considered a natural antidepressant. Once it enters your central nervous system, it binds with “bliss molecules” or anandamide. Along with this, cannabidiol, another element in cannabis, decelerates the speed in which your brain breaks down said molecules.

Now, among the constituents found in chocolate is theobromine (it can be traced to cacao plants as a bitter-tasting alkaloid). Besides being a vasodilator, theobromine pushes the brain to generate anandamide. The same molecule mentioned above.

Hence, in a sense, both marijuana and chocolate are similar in some form of antidepressant properties. Except that said properties differ in degree of impact.

3. Fresh Marijuana? Not So “High”

Raw, organic marijuana that has been “freshly” and newly cured give off very little effects of a high. There are specific strains of these dry herbs that can pass off as providing you with that floating-in-the-air happy feeling. In general, freshly grown weed won’t.

This is because they usually have low amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol. What’s more likely to occur is diarrhoea (yes, a bit of an upset tummy), and possibly nausea. But nothing close to that otherworldly elevation of the mind, as many like to call it.

4. Industrial Hemp Ropes Are From Marijuana Plants

We’ve brushed on this earlier, how ancient civilizations utilized said organic material for making rope (as some still do today, although growing hemp is now banned in many parts of the globe). What’s interesting is that there is only one genetic switch which differs regular hemp (which you can’t smoke, or you can, but it won’t give you a high) from hemp as in “weed”.

Despite the fact that marijuana plants and industrial hemp plants are produced from the same genetic plant species, the latter does not contain THCA or Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (from which THC is extracted).

So when you get your hands on some hemp rope, don’t waste your pondering on cutting it up and grinding it for you to smoke through your vape.

5. Pet And A Little Pot

There have been researches showing that hemp can ease anxiety, depression, as well as bodily pain of your furry loveys— dogs and cats. In controlled amounts, marijuana can provide the same calming effects for them as they do in humans.

However, you should consult their veterinarian first, as too much exposure to marijuana can be lethal to pets. And that’s even if the said amount is deemed safe for human consumption.