Amazing Top 5 Least Known Features of a Video downloader

There are globally popular hosting sites like YouTube that millions of people visit every day. However, you cannot download any video to your phone or computer directly from the site.  By installing a Video downloader, you can look for videos and download them from Metacafe, Myspace, YouTube, Google Video, Yuvutu, and many other similar sites. Apart from that, the downloader is a video converter and a full-fledged video download automation engine capable of downloading an entire channel or even an entire playlist from any video sharing sites on the internet.

Begin with installing the video downloader application, run the program, copy the video link from the browser, paste it to the appropriate input field, and finally click the ”Download” button. The following are some of the great features of installing a downloader to your computer or phone.

  1. Download Several Videos at The Same Time

With a video downloader, you don’t need to wait for each video to finish downloading. Instead, you can immediately enter a link to a new video and start downloading while the first one is still downloading. You can save time by selecting many videos to download at once and attend to other important matters.

  1. Download Audio Channel

The video downloader also acts as a video to Mp3 downloader. If there are instances where the video sequence will be of no importance, you can get only sound from the video. First, select the Mp3 item and press the ”Download” button. Also, you are allowed to pick the sound quality of your choice.

  1. You Can Select A Folder for Downloading Video Content

Usually, downloaded records go to the C drive specifically to the standard folder ‘’videos’’.  However, you have a separate folder somewhere else to which you can easily point the program at it. Click the ”setting” button, specify the directory path in the window that appears, and write it in the ”save path” field. Still, you can change some configurations in the settings, such as selecting the uploaded video’s preferred quality to avoid choosing it every time and changing the programming language. In case you forget the specified save’’ folder, you can click on the icon in the form of a folder and select the folder through the ”Explorer” window that will appear.

  1. Device Compatibility

The downloader can prepare videos that can play well with all the popular personal media players like the PSP, iPhone, iPod, PS3, Blackberry, and generic mobile phones.

  1. Downloads Playlists

You can download your favorite playlists to your computer. Be it a list of your favorite songs or a bunch of videos, all you need to do is copy its link and click on the paste link button. The download time will vary depending on the number of songs and video quality.

Make sure you get a video downloader and converter that supports common file formats. The video to Mp3 downloader makes your work easier when downloading certain videos. The above features make it a delight to use the downloader and an enjoyable experience when browsing videos online.