5 Hacks to Make Your Mac Run Faster

Computing is like performance cars we want them to be bigger, bolder, and faster. For your Mac to run faster it needs a combination of hacks and maintenance. This is especially true for older Macs where you may well have noticed a slowdown in performance.

If your Mac is running slow, try these hacks. It could feel like it’s brand new again and you’ll have a great computing experience once more.

Update Your Operating System (OS)

One thing that slows down your average Mac and is often overlooked is that the operating system is outmoded. Older Macs can’t run the latest version but it could well be the case that it can handle a newer version than it currently has.

Each new update of the OS is designed to make your Mac work better and faster. So ensure you have the latest version possible installed.

Update Your Apps

The chances are if your OS is a little on the old side, your apps probably are as well. After you’ve upgraded to the best possible OS, upgrade your apps right after.

Most apps have a ‘Check for Updates’ button. Click this and let the app update. Remember that updates often contain bug fixes and new features that should make them work better.

Visual Affects May Slow Your Mac Down

In older Macs, there are a few features you can switch off to help speed it up. Consider switching off the following:

Dynamic Desktop – It’s nice to have different rotating pictures on your desktop but it uses resources and this is why it can slow down an older machine.

Switch off Visual Animations – They look great but again they use resources that could be used to run apps. As such under Applications open Utilities and do the following:

  • Select Terminal
  • Turn off the following
  • Dock animations
  • Window animations
  • Quick look animations
  • Windows adjustment animations

Clean out Your Preference Panes

Your preference panes are where system and utility widgets live. Apps tend to add their own widgets to these panes which can slow down your machine. Removing a few of these widgets may make your Mac run faster.

To remove the widgets go to:

  • Apple logo and select System Preferences
  • Look at the list of widgets
  • Delete the ones you don’t need to see.

App Management

Apps are wonderful but they do consume resources. There are two ways you may want to consider managing your apps. Not allowing them to launch on startup and closing down ones that run in the background eating into your Mac’s resources.

Controlling Apps on Startup

To review apps that launch on startup go to

  • System Preferences and User & Groups
  • Select your username
  • Click Login Items
  • From the list select the items you don’t need to launch on startup
  • Click the ‘-‘ button to remove them from the startup list
  • Reboot

Too Many Apps Running

If you have too many apps open you’re going to run into issues. Yes having iTunes on while video editing is ok, having a video player with dozen other apps is going to slow down your Mac. Use apps sparingly.

With a little Mac love, you’ll have a Mac you love.
Visit Apple Support for more information.

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