Apple Announces Self Service Repair: Taking on Google and Microsoft

Apple have just recently announced their plans to create a ‘Self-Service Repair’ for their customers. These services will enable customers to have the knowledge to repair their own apple items, in addition to having access to the hardware and software to do so. The access to hardware will be genuine Apple parts and tools. The tech giant of Silicon Valley, believes that this available tool service will take on its competitors Microsoft and Google, as it gears towards making its company more remote and less reliant on the typical old working restraints of the tech world.

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This planned expansion into more self-sufficient means, would mean small businesses would land a huge win and integration into the Apple tech world. Having the ability to purchase Apple parts and utilise them towards a right to repair scheme, would mean that customers would go directly to them, for a repair of their devices, without having to go through the long system of an Apple repair. What this expansion would mean for smaller companies is that they will need to figure out how this scheme works and how it would be profitable to all parties involved. Let’s not forget that repairing Apple models is a completely new thing and it should definitely take some time for smaller businesses to know how to do it also. It would require a complete start from scratch and puts repair business in the beginning, alongside other Apple customers. They would need to learn fast, or face the possibility of expansion as unfeasible.

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There have also been reports of an online form SaaS solution company that also has been released called Jotform Apps. This platform is open for anyone to use and allows users to create portals outside and in the workspace of tems, apps for businesses and so on. The reason why this will prove so popular is because the no-code space to build a working platform. The days of having to know how to work and operate code are long behind us, and this really makes building for the average customer, as simple as a drag and drop process ultimately.

Jotform and its release is super important for businesses today, the no code reality makes every customer a developer for the business and customs applications that they wish to create. With the busy world today, there are so many responsibilities, and learning code is pretty much a new language entirely-who really has time for that? Jotform really solves that problem and empowers the less tech savvy mind out there to really seize technology for their own personal gain. Of course, that will raise a few questions on the sustainability of computer science, code and the industry which has revolved around the intimate science behind computers. If technology progresses towards taking away the difficulties and barriers of coding, who will then bother to even learn it in the first place? Could it eventually be a matter of time to which it dies out?

Slack revamping their platform

Slack within the pandemic has been a go-to for many businesses. However recently, due to its large traffic usage, Slack decided to up their platform and expand it towards a better user experience, both online and via the app. The new update provides users with a high workflow and systems, which allows work automation and therefore additionally increases third party services within it too. Yes, Slack are jumping on board with the Jotform ‘do it yourself’ mentality, allowing users to develop and tie workflows in an even more efficient way. The developer tools it has integrated will make working simpler and way more efficient.