5 IT Roles That will be In Demand in 2020

There is an ever growing demand for IT professionals, across the globe, especially as the digital world continues to expand. Traditional IT roles have been joined by roles in currently high demand areas such as artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT). There is certainly plenty of opportunity for anyone who wants to work for a managed it services provider.

If you have a love of IT, you can search sites such as Courses.co.au, for training to supplement your knowledge. Then, it’s all about what IT roles you may want to apply for. Here are five of the roles that are likely to be in demand during 2020, and beyond.

Machine learning engineer

This is definitely a growing area, with more businesses looking to develop AI systems that are able to learn, and complete tasks. The job of a machine learning engineer is to programme AI machines, to enable them to be intelligent in this way.

Security analyst

This is a role that has been in demand for several years, and will continue to be. You cannot underestimate the importance of keeping online systems secure; especially as security threats become more sophisticated. The role of a security analyst is becoming more of a proactive one, with the emphasis on discovering potential threats, before they become an issue.

Cloud engineer

The Cloud is now in use by companies across the globe. It provides a way of reducing the cost of in-house systems. Many companies choose to use a combination approach of the Cloud and in-house systems, working in conjunction with each other. The role of a Cloud engineer involves making sure that this integration can happen effectively.

App developer

The app developer role will continue to be in demand during 2020, and beyond. It’s also likely to evolve. This role has always been one that blends technical IT ability with being able to recognise the needs of the business. For some app developers, this means that they may step more towards the theoretical side of development. They may be involved in establishing the needs of the business and how code should work, rather than in the actual coding itself.

DevOps Lead

As the need for development continues to grow, there is a growing requirement for individuals who are able to oversee the work of developers and analysts. The DevOps lead role demands a high level of development and project management skills as these individuals have a responsibility for making sure that software development happens quickly and efficiently.

For anyone who sees their future as being in the world of IT, these roles are all likely to continue being in high demand after 2020. It’s also worth mentioning that for the majority of IT roles, technical IT knowledge is no longer the only requirement. Most IT professionals are now expected to have business knowledge and skills as well, especially in development roles where the needs of the business need to be analysed and met.

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