What To Look For In A Computer For Gaming

Today, millions of people around the globe participate in online gaming competitions. Whether it be role-playing or strategy, gaming has definitely taken the world by storm. If you are a gamer who is in the market for a new computer, it is crucial to become familiar with the computers specs that are required for gaming. Unlike surfing the web, gaming requires high-tech specs. Below, you will discover what some of these specs are and why they are important.

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Contrary to belief, not all processors are made the same. In fact, some are not even capable of providing the appropriate output for gaming. To achieve full HD, you will need a 2.5Ghz processor. Of course, if you are looking for something better and have the cash to invest, you may want to invest in a computer with a more powerful i9 processor. This is considered top-of-the-line in the gaming world.

Cooling System

While a fan does not determine the quality of a computer, it is necessary to protect the most vital internal components. For gamers who like to stay connected for long periods, the traditional fan will not protect the motherboard and other internal components from overheating. Do your research to find a computer that supports what is known as overclocking. This process refers to making computing devices – in this case, a computer – run faster than they are designed to do.

Graphics Card

A graphics card is nothing more than a printed circuit board. This device plays a major role in gaming, as it turns data that comes from the CPU into images. Of course, the process is a little more complex than that, since the graphics card must figure out how to best utilize the pixels on the computer screen. A high-quality graphics card is what you will need for gaming. However, this does not necessarily mean that gaming cannot be achieved with a low-end brand. But, these brands may not provide the quality of images that are offered by the high-end brands.


As you are playing an online game, your computer is saving your progress. All computers have memory, but some only have enough to store temporary data. As a gamer, you should know how important it is to store data. If your computer does not store your progress, you will be forced to start all over from the very beginning every time you play, which means you would never get ahead. Make sure your computer has enough memory to support your gaming habits. Even playing online pokies real money requires some type of memory.


Like all electronic devices, computers need power to operate. Depending on what the computer is being used for, it may need less or more power. In this case, you are going to be utilizing the computer to play games. So, you are going to need at 500 watts of power to run all the necessary components. With that said, some components will require more power than others. If necessary, you may need to speak with an expert to determine how much power your computer will need for gaming.


If you are a hardcore gamer, it is likely that you plan on playing games in 4K. If so, the computer will need to have a monitor that supports high definition resolutions. As far as top-of-the-line goes, a monitor with 2560 x 1440 resolution and a refresh rate of 144Hz will fit the bill. Again, if you have the extra cash to invest, you should consider a monitor with a resolution of 3840 x 2160. Both of these monitors have 4K resolution, which is a necessity for online gaming.

Desktop Or Laptop

You must decide what type of computer you want to buy. You can choose from a desktop or laptop. It really depends on what type of flexibility you are looking for. Laptops, of course, are mobile so you can take them anywhere. Desktop computers, on the other hand, are stationary.

Fortunately, modern laptops have the same capabilities as desktop computers. However, some gamers prefer the desktop version because they believe it is more reliable. With a laptop, you will be able to play video games just about anywhere. In fact, malls, restaurants and other public facilities offer free Wi-Fi and power supplies to their customers.

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