5 Programming Languages To Consider When Creating An App For Your Business

Whether you’re an app developer or a business owner looking for an app developer, you need to know what programming language to use and develop your business app. Unlike the early 21st century when apps first emerged, today, we have many different ways to create them.

If you’re a business owner, you need to find the best solution in the ocean of web developers, whether it is going to be an Android development company or an iOS development company. There is also a matter of programming languages. To be able to find the best, you need to know what you’re dealing with. If you’re a developer who received an offer to build a business app for the first time, you need to know if your skills are up for the job.

In this article, we share the five ideal programming languages that can create outstanding business apps. They are also different from traditional app building. Read on to see what the best programming languages for these types of tasks are.

1. C++

Maybe the most popular programing language that everyone in the world knows is C++. This one is an addition to the original C language, which is the one used by many developers back in the day to create some of the most iconic programs and games we played.

Today’s C++ is more advanced and is used for nearly anything because it is versatile and flexible. It can be combined with nearly anything digital we see around us, and it can be mixed with other languages too. The only issue is that it is way too complex for more significant projects and apps that need more working memory.

2. Golang

The programing language Golang, also known as Go, was created by Google employees who were tired of using C++ and its tiring and time-consuming features. It has the foundation of C++ but is improved and known as the most interchangeable among all programming languages.

Even though developers skilled in other languages are easier to find, you still have around 1.5 million developers experienced in Go. All you need to do is look for the best Golang web development company around you and tell them what kind of business app you need.

3. Python

With 8.1 million active developers skilled in this language, Python is without a doubt the most popular programing language out there. If you want to easily find a great app developer, you should look for one skilled in Python.

Artificial intelligence, financial technologies, data science, and many other features are easily implemented with Python. If you’re in some of these industries, you just might consider this one. After all, giants like YouTube, Instagram, and Reddit are all built with Python.

4. Java

Another highly popular and widely used language is Java. Almost all of the Android apps you have on your smartphone use Java because it is the most commonly used one for these apps, and the developers have an easy time creating apps for this platform.

Even though it’s not of much use for iOS, Java is excellent for mixing across other types of platforms, like developing web apps, server apps, big data technology, games, websites, etc. It will run smoothly on all of these, which is why it is so appreciated.

5. Swift

Swift is relatively new. The first app made using Swift came out in 2014, but it has been used to build specific apps and no other types of programs since then. IOS developers widely use it because it has been shown to work perfectly on this operative system.

Since all businesses aim toward Apple owners, choosing Swift is only logical. The only issue is that Swift developers won’t provide a great product for Android. However, if you’re thinking about an Apple product app, then you should definitely consider Swift as your choice.


These are the most popular five programming languages for business apps. If you’re thinking about developing or finding a skilled team to do something for you, then you should look for one of these five options.

It’s clear that Python devs are the easiest to find, but the best results you’ll probably get is hiring someone who’s an expert in Golang. Now, after learning more about the most popular languages, the choice is yours.