5 Retro Gadgets That Are Still Fashionable

Now that our world is full of high-tech, sophisticated gadgets and technology, it seems as if we are all longing for a simpler time and simpler devices. Retro gadgets have made a comeback in recent years, allowing people to add a flavor of nostalgia to their homes and businesses. If you want a blast from the past, continue reading to find out about some of the best retro gadgets on the market and how you can get hold of them.  

  1. Arcade Machines

Arcade machines, a staple of many people’s childhoods, are still going strong thanks to their easy and addictive playability. Arcade machines make a fun addition to any social space, proving endless entertainment that can appeal to people of all ages and allowing people to indulge in the past. From Pacman to Space Invaders, some of our most famous games started off on arcade machines, and many people are now looking to play them in their original format. If you are looking to invest in an arcade machine for your business, or want to keep all the fun for yourself at home, Bespoke Arcades provide a wide selection of arcade machines in the UK, with games from all the big brands such as SEGA.

  1. Instant Cameras

The time of fuzzy pictures and sepia colouration is back, with a vast array of instant cameras on the market and on your Instagram feed. Instant cameras are incredibly popular due to the ease of which you can make an instant memento of special occasions and get a physical image within a matter of seconds. Big brands such as Polaroid have started to produce retro cameras, as well as digital versions which combine both the retro pictures and instant photographs with the ease of technology, allowing you to check photos before you print. If you do not want to invest in a camera, there are many applications on your mobile phone which will enable you to take and filter images with a retro vibe, mimicking the exposure of the early ’90s.

  1. Retro Games Consoles

If you have always wanted to revisit the early Sonic masterpieces and traditional Street Fighter battles from the Megadrive console and early Playstations, this is now possible, with many companies starting to produce retro home games consoles which allow you to start playing your favorite games of yesteryear instantly. Not only this, but some companies have also combined this with the popular portable games consoles of today, allowing you to play retro games on the move.

  1. Electrical Typewriters

Electrical typewriters have started to return to the markets, with many people missing the unmistakable sound of the keys and wanting to limit their screen time by producing typed notes without the need for computers or tablets.

  1. Record Players

Vinyl has become a collector’s item in recent years, with many people choosing to opt for the carefully designed and beautifully produced record options over that of CDs and digital downloads. This has led to a resurgence in record player sales, with people vying for the traditional and sometimes richer sound of vinyl.

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